Software Inc: Slapple | SLAPS FOR EVERYONE (#11)

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reneDERkillah says:

when you decide to make a new season try out the xperience a10 mod it is like a big mod pack (including the hardware and networking stuff) and adds TONS of new things to research and put into your software.
im in the year 2005 and i researched over a 100 things!

TXG says:

I live in America but being able to come home from school and see your daily uploads of Software Inc. makes my afternoon so much better.

Mrdirtblock - Minecraft says:

How much does software Inc cost (i’m too lazy to check :P)

CatchSnapCaught says:

YES!!! A New Series With Hardware Mod!!!

Hell Yeah!

I love this series already, once you do a new one with that mod will make it 100% cooler (and this series is already cool)

Gloty, Secretary, Council of Kottabos Commissars says:

BUY the company with 395 pieces of software, and sell every one that isn't highly profitable, you should make a profit.

Fair warning: this has worked for me, with some of the mods you mentioned at the beginning, not sure if it'll work for you, you might want to test it.

connor gingell says:

Y don't u do a 24hour company so that stuff get developed all month

Mamothdinolover112: Games games and vlogs says:

I have got software inc and it’s amazing

Stedio City says:

Bro buy a smaller company then take the product and market it

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