Traveling When You Have Chronic Pain

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Watch Kelsey and Lara’s 3 week journey as they travel all the way to Florida on a last ditch effort to find a cure for their chronic pain.

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Hannah B says:

Praying hard for you both and I really hope you heal fully soon. Much love ❤️❤️

Ella Landsman says:

Lara has pain but I mean like Kelsey has a pain that ppl suiside because of she's so strong I love her so much

miat789 says:

Wait what caused Kelsey’s TN?

Box Turtle Sanctuary of Central Virginia says:

Photobiomodulation.. no need for pain anymore.. buy your own …use when you need it… safe.. FDA approved.. third generation…. and studied.. proven technology…. superpulsed modality … way better then a class 4 laser that is used in many practices… I will never be with out one again.. Please check it out… some day everyone with pain will have one

Milko DnA says:

dr gregory johnson from houston
you're welcome

Kira Thomas says:

i would be so scared to have a tn attack while driving

Beann McQueenn says:

You guys are amazing and i'm glad you're posting these videos. I am new to chronic pain and I feel like I finally found people like me. Please keep posting <3 wishing you the best health vibes!

b says:

i live in boca aye

Julie Bernabe says:

Is buzzfeed now as is and if it is why

Marwa Abute says:

Am so sorry can i want to help

emma roland says:

What surgery did kelsey have where the doctor damaged her nerves so badly? wisdom teeth removal?

Tina Kershner says:

Could you PLEASE put links to this series in the description box. Thank you so much.

Every C. says:

I LOVE this!! Bringing chronic pain and invisible illness to light, and these videos are helpful when I'm not feeling good

Stephanie Schrenk says:

I know how you feel Kelsey – I have had Trigeminal Neuralgia since I was 5 years old. I only got diagnosed my Senior Year in college when my TN flare-ups turned into focal seizures. I have been on medication to deal with some of the symptoms but I would like to find some way to deal with flare up pain better. Thank you so much for doing something like this!

Nicole Wilson says:

I feel you guys so much!!! I have chonic pain and it makes me stay at home and afraid to get out and do things

Samantha Weps says:

Please tell me you sued the dr who gave you trigeminal neuralgia.

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