HOW I LOSE WEIGHT EATING WHATEVER I WANT | Intermittent Fasting + Diet Tips

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What’s up What’s up! I’m SO EXCITED to be finally sharing this video. You asked for it, so today I’m explaining how I balance eating what I want while staying on track with my training and diet goals. I’m sharing the exact strategies I use, the science behind them, as well as taking you through a day in the life during my trip to LA. You’ll see the meals I eat, my travel workout routine, and more. PS – if you wanna see that next vid, let me know! I think it would be so much fun to film!


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0:30 NYC mini vlog
1:22 tip #1: morning workouts
2:14 the science behind doing HIIT / fasted cardio in the morning
3:25 tip #2: intermittent fasting
3:57 how intermittent fasting makes it easier to eat what you want
4:55 tip #3: daily activity targets
5:25 the science behind daily step targets
6:48 my personal step targets
7:15 Runyon Canyon mini vlog
7:41 tip #4: breakdown method
7:55 flexible dieting talk / how I fit treats into my daily diet
9:36 breakdown method example / boba tea
10:52 breakdown method example / pizza + salad
12:22 question for you


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Natalia G. says:

You are sooo going to lose your period. HIIT is the worse for women

Harley Sanchez says:

Plz do a video on how to lose belly fat if you aren’t already skinny

Dajana K. says:

What's yoyr watch called?

Maih Mind says:

This is just what i need to hear

Anna Noronha says:

I know you’ve worked really hard for a fit, attractive physique but those shorts were tiiiiny!

sheslovestoned says:

Yes please! Would love to understand more of the science that happens with a long term change in diet. Have you or know of having hormonal issues that effect weight loss/gain?

Sara S says:

Nutrition is science too. There actually is good food and bad food.

Z Ma says:

I love this kind of video! You have such a lovely and engaging personality, and you incorporate the information so well.

Ariel Jack says:

I’m wondering when you start eating/ if you snack during the day?!

Chloe Davis says:

So you fast after working out too? You don’t have any post-work out meal?

Siddhanth B N says:

After 2 weeks of following this diet plan, I lost a total of 17 pounds. It's amazing, I look great and haven't had this much energy in years. People have been telling me how good I look, and even my ex gave me a huge compliment last week. Ha, not that I'd take her back. get your copy here:

sushiHIGH says:

Abby your hair looks great!

Kaitlyn Taylor says:

Yes please! I just started flexible dieting and would love to see how you do it. Some how I always go over on carbs

mts2457 says:

11:01 whats with those shorts haha

Anti King says:

hi abby, could you please do a video on the science of weight training and doing cardio in fasted windows. I'm trying to burn fat whilst tone my body whilst using intermittent fasting but I have yet to come across a video that covers this whilst providing empirical evidence.

zeniah gogoi says:

I suffer from PCOS, I wish it was this easy for me to lose weight.

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