Kimi Fan Meets His Idol | 2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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The opening moments of the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix were heartbreaking for six-year-old Thomas Danel, but his disappointing day would soon turn into one of the best days of his life so far…

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A A says:

forza ferrari!

igor ferreira says:

one of the better at moment. go iceman o/

samghost13 says:

Thank you F1 & Kimi <3

Lars van Ravenswaaij says:

That was the most unexpected thing Kimi ever did but it was lovely to see

Tone says:

Who disliked this?

domba 727 says:

Are anyone see this
It says Francesco Cigorini

domba 727 says:

Amazing just amazing
I cried that day
It was so beautiful

DJ Nevage says:

Imagine this boy will be an f1 driver one day. What a story that would be!

Giovanni says:

it's CigArini you dum liberty media graphists

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