How I Went From $65 to Millionaire Lifestyle At 22 Trading Forex

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How I Went From $65 to Millionaire Lifestyle At 22 Trading Forex ____________________________________

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FxLifeStyle Forex says:



KING786uk says:

Bollox people
Who trade don’t show off lol I am 22 year old trader I am rich lol ahahhaha living the dream fuck of mate I have been trading it’s fucking hard work

John Ichie says:

How much leverage did you use when you first started?

Slikz Certi says:

2 answers. He has the money to show and do this via inheritance or from parents. He makes the majority of his income from selling his "strategies" or teaching his customers for a price.

SavageMC 123 says:

how much do I have to start with?

paul k says:

Fact is the brokers platforms know where everyones stop loss and take profits are, manipulqte the market to close you out, 95 percent of traders lose money because there taught basics and beleave in them, its all bullshit

Mira Dever says:

After trading on my own for 3 months, i made only little profits then i decided to contact a professional who made me over $10k every 5 days, my life changed instantly, that expert is Mr Harry Lakewood. he's the best trader one can invest with.I always get astonished by his outstanding results.

MrArnie says:

Nothing informal or educational whatsoever. Just some gimp showing off his luxuries. Misleading video title

Carlos Stewart says:

Friday $1597

Joshua T. Helfrich says:

ToDay $1563

yes go says:


brianf147 says:

i am a 22 rich forex trader lmaooo. thats a tell tale sign youre not rich lmaoo

The Blockchain Gamer says:

I cant hear you with that annoying background music

EsperanzaBB says:

why ur watch fit u so damn big lol

Sebastian's Motivation & Fun says:

Let me guess.. you use an Forex EA ? 😉 only with an EA is this fast way

Mark Patterson says:

suggest anyone impressed by this go to @traderdante on twitter to find out what real traders think of him.

Sunny D says:

why are u talking dollars when u from the uk

Игорь Ефремов says:

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Merna Meeks says:

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Sergio Yepez says:

to my I love the world of trading and I aspire to having lots of money through this business already is in the bag as in forex, I discovered that the road is not easy since it involves many discipline, management of emotions and commitment to constant training already that these m arkets ith are influenced by many factors difficult to determine without the correct techniques, I hope that in the future come to get the achievement of Gerardo Ortega, Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor who I admire for having achieved much with young age and success of Soros by make a great feat in the trading

Ahdali Neomia says:

Impressive fresh content.

777OGU says:

So we get the signals for free with the purchase of the course?

Abraham Onsare says:

Hey FxLifeStyle! I am humbled to see this and I would really like to participate in being among your students. I am from Kenya, Africa and I love your channel Mr… Please let me have a response from you… Thanks, loads.

Anisiobi Louis says:

I wanna join

Manjit Boro says:

Attractive but not all people wants to be a millionair

rolondo lucas says:

Omg the beat in the background

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