5 Crazy Onboards | Spanish Grand Prix

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Hamilton and Rosberg’s calamitous collision, Alonso’s monster start, “ping pong” with Ricciardo, and more.

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Roberto Vezi says:

Wtf happened at that start from lewis onboard lol carnage

kkkirytenahtss1 says:

1:43 That piece of debris on the track had no affect on Hamilton's tyres. In today's race that would definitely be a puncture.

Alex Thompson says:

4th to 1st…
wtf get alonso a good car ffs mclaren

Rik Sinnige says:

Good job Rubens, now let Schumacher pass you.

Danielo Raúl Vega Zúñiga says:

GP de España 2000
GP de España 2016
GP de España 2011
GP de España 2009

sarmedi hutautara says:

0:45 "This sensational crash was presented by Allianz"

Rendpullman says:

Stop putting that shit ass kind of music already!

Nick James says:

Is Vettel the biggest whinger in F1? I think so!

SpatialDragon says:

Remove that horrid background noise you call "music." That's not music and I want to hear the video not your crappy choice in noise.

Siviu Denis Sovalia says:

Video Fruoms

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