Steven Kotler on Lyme Disease & The Flow State

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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #873 with Steven Kotler (, also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (


Angelina Joy says:

When I had Lyme I forgot the multiplication table lol.

Along with everything else he mentioned. I still cba to learn it again

Austin Zizzi says:

It’s the scariest and creepiest of all diseases

Jonni Kreidel says:

Thanks for doing this, my mom has had Lyme for many years. She went through a similar experience,mental institutions EXC… Thanks

Lady McClellan says:

Is Lyme contagious….they say morgellons is & if there's a correlation then….??

Kim Possible says:

What happens with an infection like strep or staph that goes unresolved or untreated? You get worse and you end up with sepsis or rheumatic fever. The same principle applies with Lyme when it's not caught or treated immediately or under-treated.

Kim Possible says:

Ocean water/sea salt is a natural detoxifier

Ginger Phoenix says:

Morgellons is real. It's Lyme and the fibers are also real.

Kory Datz says:

also, Lyme is fatal in a bunch of ways- the heart being number one

Kory Datz says:

I have Lyme and it sucks- it totally robbed my ability to exercise

Satan says:

Lyme Disease is a very controversial disease. Depending how long you've had it you need further treatment, iv antibiotics. In most cases medical insurance doesn't even recognize lyme as a chronic condition. Doctors have gas their medical licenses taking for treating people that needed longer treatment, people who've had the disease for decades. It's very sad the difficulties people have with dealing with the treatment of this disease. Hopefully things change soon.

Elaine Clements Finn says:

Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of two Lyme disease specialists. Will email a copy to anyone interested. God bless

Frequency Waves says:

yea right carpet fibers you phuck suck more dick

Nicholas Eff says:

Deep state / biowarfare research / eugenics / population control / social Darwinism / healthcare industrial complex / $$$$

Michelle Cook says:

Yes, the mind body connection that releases stress during flow state has serious healing properties. Dancing and theater (once dancing became too physically intense) have carried me through two severe episodes of chronic lyme disease.

TheRockIzBack says:

what is Lyme disease and what happens and what causes you to get it ? sorry for my ignorance

A Boston says:

Thank you for speaking out on Chronic Lyme. It's a terrifying and painful disease. Youve done so much to help and I'm so grateful.

John Johnson says:

I'm here with you guys, 24 years old I've gone mad from Lyme disease.

John Quinn says:

doctors have no idea of how ignorant they are. lyme is unbelievable.

ROBBY V says:

terrible disease. have a PICC line in my arm doing iv antibiotics every day to beat lyme, bartonella and babesia. it definitely destroys your life.

Prod. by E. Jacobs says:

Stop misinforming people on Morgellon's, the fibers they've tested from these patients are from sources outside of this world. It's far deeper than them "imagining their shirt fibers got under their skin".

Jon Snow says:

You can get lime from freaking tick. Your brain can get inflame and get coma or become retard if you do not die. It is much more scary than most people would believe. My sister had it and the horror is hard to imagine. Also at early stages they often misdiagnose it and by the time you find out is get worst.

machomama says:

Smoke a fat joint and you'll feel better.

Artofficial says:

Surfing cured his Lyme disease…… The power of the mind is truly incredible.

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