Bariatric Surgery (Hindi) – Weight Loss Surgery in Hindi

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Know about bariatric surgery in Hindi, also known as weight loss surgery. Dr. Aarti provides information about bariatric surgery procedures, side effects, diet after weight loss surgery, risks and complications associated with bariatric surgery, in Hindi.

Also, get information about types of weight loss surgery procedures, pre op diet, preparation before bariatric surgery, precautions to take, recovery time and a diet to follow after a bariatric surgery is performed.

She also explains about the side effects of bariatric surgery and what type of people are eligible to undergo this surgery.

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Vishal Shekhar says:

iska op kha ho sakta h our kitna paisa lagega

Ryan Flores says:

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kalpesh Padmashali says:

Very nice message I like you madam

Viral India says:

Hlo mam mera Naam sunny hai
Mera private part ka operation hua hai bike accident mein mujhe chot laggi thi jiski wajhah se blood mein gaanth banne laggi thi or 3saal Baad mera operation ho gya hai Lekin ab mujhse koi jeyada jor wala kaam nhi ho pata or mujhe problem Hoti hai plz mujhe koi tips do ki mein Ashe se servive kr saku…plz?

HarrY shArmA says:

Sergery kra kr gym lgaa skte hae

S Latika says:

This vedio is very lacking in info conpare to the vedios made by american doctors, not a whole lot about wht type of diet why each type of surgery is diff from one another n its a life changing decisions is not explined properly. I would recommend more reseach n consult a specialists for details.

Habiba Shaikh says:

Dr arti sleeve gastric bypass k bad bohat zyada acidity Ho to kya karey regular acidity ka kya ilaj hai

Md Mehmood says:

Thanku mam Very usefull informetion

jyoti gyanchandani says:

Hello mam, my weight is 72 kg, bmi is 27 and bmr is 1445,should I go to surgery

Meenu Chaudhary says:

5 floor

Meenu Chaudhary says:

Medical me ye surjari free have

AYUB khan.indian says:


Love is Life says:

Next week meri surgery hai

asha Ashwini Johar says:

Hi Dr aim 63 yrs,105 kg,mere pet ki charbi bhut hai ,I cannot sit down ,I cannot walk ,I want to get weight loss surgery,what kind of surgery I should get it done kindly advice,aur what will be charge of this surgery

Saaol Centre says:

Thanks Dr arti ji

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