First lady Melania Trump unveils official policy platform: ‘Be Best’

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President Donald Trump’s lawyer said taking the fifth is on the table regarding a Mueller interview.


Gerald Gardner says:

She's hot

David Orth says:

The "I'm better than you" campaign is perfect for Republicans. Then you got your nose busted. Watch.

DeusShaggy says:

What is up with this Administration and the phrase "The Best"?

Sarah "The Wall Eyed Woofer" Hickabee-Sanders saying "I've given the best information I had at the time…" over and over on May 3rd.

Kellyanne "The Crypt Keeper" Con-Away saying "The best I can do…" with Jake Tapper on May 6th.

And now Melania "Gold Digger" Trump "Be Best".

Do they think if they keep saying the word "best" that people will some how believe they are the "best"?

Alison Lynn Neat says:

Mr. Trump..She knows nothing about that it is not her pain. She needs to choose molestation, being raped by more than one guy not yourself, or being beaten as a child, or her parents infidelity, her father cheating and hitting her and the kids, and her mom continuing to stay. There is no faking personal pain, lies shine through. I know that this stuff is not public..

Malachi DaKlown says:

Poor Melania….I dare anyone to switch placez with her

Alison Lynn Neat says:

Milania. No. Mr. Trump. Yes.

Jackie says:

Why couldn’t they focus more on melanias campaign? Of course fake news always has to focus on scandal and pushes away the good. Melania is a strong woman! I hope people will think she’s strong like how some did when Hillary got ADMITTED to being cheating on

no el says:

Oh god, Slavs hurt

Jamie Vandermaas says:

Ironic that her hubby is an infamous bully. Maybe she should try and cure adult bullies.

I was born a poor black child says:

Well damn, this clip was supposed to be about her platform…and you present this shit? So predictable…and boring.

Tracey ivy says:

FLOTUS….. .couldn't even commit 2 seconds to a full sentence….".BE Best"….how the he**L can she commit to a Nationwide Bully Chase….

nopotential says:

Haha look at the titlw

Ensenga 666 says:

In other news Donald Trump aims to cut the CHIP program a healtcare program that helps needy kids by 7 Billion dollars today.

Mueller Trumpsbane says:

Melania is a hypocrite whore

Paul says:

Melania, why did you become a good digger? Then you wouldn't have to kiss a fat orange man 20 years older than you…


I don’t give a shit what trump did with stormy, I only care what he is doing for the country and he is doing great

Bo Rood says:

Make America Trait(or) Again!

hello jaja says:

Be best but not in English.

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