2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Crashes, collisions and heartbreak – race day in Baku was dramatic from the first corner to the last…

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leder Francis says:

Lewis Hamilton is a charmed driver

T J says:

Vettel blew this race.

Klarissa says:

My first race since many years. A lot has changed. Looks like cyberformula. Also it seems like drivers follow scripted maneuvers to make the race more interesting.

Sun Shine says:

These 2 idiots Verstappan and Ricciardo were trying to crash rather than race

Junji- no says:


Rayhan Azzka Putra says:

the first 4 races of 2018 is better than the entire 2017 season

Robert Pais says:

I love Toto reaction

Alfonso fernandez says:


majlo11 pollak says:

hamilton good job you are very good thank you

Libra Scale says:

2:13 ""Sergey Sirotkin passing Lance Stroll" Crofty oh crofty

Deny Prasetyo says:

Wow realistis, what minimum specification for laptop/notebook to play this game?

Adrian Chisholm says:

poor Bottas

borisbecker541 says:

The Red Bulls didn't seem too damaged. Why haven't them pitted to get their cars repaired?

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