Software Inc: Slapple | THE FUTURE STARTS NOW (#6)

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LizzybellGaming says:

I would buy the "There is only Slapple™" T-Shirt XD

garbuckle 3000 says:

cough, cough Select All 😉

Scandinavian Phillip says:

"there is only Slapple"

Jip Koster says:

Fisthard lmao

Geo says:

Are you going to make your own office?

arttu _topi says:

U should do 2 oss

djblakk86 says:

You should totally make a mobile game called "N' Tickle"

Danlabs On Youtube says:

you better patent that shit my dude

Kai Dettman says:

you shouldn't have set the minimum education level for support team that high, that's why the leader is wanting to send everyone off

CanadianCarlos says:

Decides to make a play through just making crap and not caring. Starts in year 2000 at a disadvantage. Has three massive hits and making shed loads of cash, only dealing with mobile. Go figure. haha

Tyson Langford says:

You needed to accept tripe to put it on the phone because it was not ported until you accept it.

Luna Pup says:

Mod list???

N & E Entertainment says:

Slap that like button XD. Waiting everyday for these software inc. videos

Filke00 says:

Where can I see what Mods do you use 🙂

Ye Mai says:

Make a game called Nerdrosoft inc.

Sresth Gupta says:

It was kind of stupid to promote mobile quest 2 because it could have made you so much money more

Luca Tedoldi says:

Fisthard v Slapple, the most violent competition everybody has ever seen

Like_a_ Pig says:

You should make a new game called “Keep slapping and nobody explodes”…

guest killer19 says:

is he going to add the mods in the desc lol

bandit Clan says:

Where is stonehaert

Johan Stene says:

Build something!

Suvaid Jilani says:

At before a 1000

sit 999 says:

Develop the slapple-book for a computer.

NorthernMonkey says:

With phones you are selling your OS to hardware manufacturers so yo you can't include Samsung in the comparison. So Apple and Google would be a better comparison.


When will you build a new office space?

Tyrell Shaver says:

I got mad when the other company got vr first because you were actually so close

Simon says:

there is only slapple

Q&FMontages says:

Make a new antivirus and call it BugSlapper

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