Advice on What to Expect from Weight Loss Surgery

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Prettie Key says:

She's beautiful, she sounds like k Michelle and look like zonnique

Hangry and Hopeful says:

Hey Joy!   Question, Do you actually use Movavi software?  I and debating purchasing it.  I too just started my journey…

CrissyPixiePrincess * says:

Thanks for your awesome videos you touched on a lot of things that I was thnkinh about I'm trying to prepare myself mentally more than anything it I feel like I am at an advantage because I have 2 cousins (sisters) that had vsg a couple years ago I've been studying them and their actions in my personal opinion I don't think that they have been using it the right way one is regaining and eating chips as meals and the other one didn't really start losing until she got pregnant well any and neither of them exercise not trying to blast them I'm just saying it made it real for me that the surgery is not a miracle operation u do have to put in effort or it will come back thanks again

Jem4u90 says:

Thank you for this video. I started off strong as hell and then got my heart broken and stressed at work noticed bad habits creeping back up. I noticed it and managed to catch myself but with that being said it’s a life long journey. Surgery isn’t going to change everything, it’s going to help but you gotta out in the work!


I said who does she remind me of???!!!!! Toya from married to medicine!!!!!!!

Sonrisa says:

Awesome video !!!

Upper Echelon Exotic Lashes says:

Thank you for all of your videos. They really help me. Im 6 days post op.

Lumpy Belly says:

What surgery would you recommend for small dicks need help

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