The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island

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And this topic gets insta-flagged in the system… what a shock.
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“Lab 257” by Michael Christopher Carroll
“The Belarus Secret” by John Loftus
“Living Next Door To Plum Island”

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Meaghan Halkett says:

It's not just Lyme. I live in Canada with OHIP and I had severe chronic pancreatitis for 12 years before I got diagnosed. Doctors would rather treat you for a mental illness then do their job.Maybe they make more money that way prescribing mental pills. I can't tell you how many times for years I wen't to the E.R. for Chronic Pancreas pain, and was told to stop making a scene or I would be sedated, and then I was sedated and treated for mental health problems. It got to a point where I just stopped going, and assumed that I was underweight from anxiety and depression, and that my swolen sore to the touch abdomen was all in my head, and that if I just did enough cognitive therapy, I'd be well enough to become employed.

Petiron Harper says:

Update?: GROSS! Foreign Tick Found In New Jersey Could Pose Serious Threat to Humans by Mary Greeley
did another bug migrate off Plumb Island then?

Wayne Robinson says:

This is crazy shit dont believe this shit

Wayne Robinson says:

There is no link / the ice mummy had Mirgellons a thousand years or so before America was discovered blaming weaponized tics is insanity / dumb shit people avoid this crazy talk . Your doctor will not take you serious and be referring you to a shrink / sme of these wackos believe the government is giving people gic born illness / crazy talk is why people don't take this serious . She is part of the problem / head over to Jeremy murphree


I saw a link to this video from a comment posted on Facebook and on opening the video I saw that the dislike button is hit and I know for sure that I didn't hit the button. YT is a bitch.

Jeannie G says:

So many ironies with this video – I don't even know where to start! Well, let's see. I was actually in the military back in the '80's (Ft. Riley, KS to be exact) and had a house in where of all places – you guessed it – Manhattan, KS. Can you imagine? Orignally for NY, yep. Then after doing time on Desert Storm (the first one), I was visiting my mother in, you guessed it, NY, 80 miles north of NYC. And acquired Lyme disease, but didn't know it. Meanwhile, went back to Germany where I was living as a civilian. It took 3 years and several transcontinental trips to finally be diagnosed with Lyme Disease, albeit, begrudgingly in NY, of all places. I was told I was depressed, bipolar, had MS. Lupus, and yes Fibromyalgia. Well, yes, I was depressed, I couldn't walk, couldn't talk (not very well) and couldn't remember where I had left my 2 young children. Had seizures, extreme memory loss, heart problems, arthritis. The worst part, is no one, including my own family and friends believed I was really sick. Flash forward 25 years and I'm sicker than ever, now officially diagnosed with 'Fibromyalgia' — yeah, whatever. Still no one believes that I'm that sick. Oh, BTW, the military conveniently lost my medical records after Desert Storm, so I can't collect any disability. Strange, huh?

Kristi Stevens says:

We havw 5 differnt people working in our sugar woods who have tezted positive in one year up here in vt. I was born on LI and grew up remembering having to check our dogs whenever they went outside and then having to shave one. I went to MS in 2015 and two weeks after being tested came back poitive. More then 30 years later

coolbeans 2016 says:

In reference to this…. I currently live in a "Country Club" neighborhood. You know, one of those built into & around a golf course? And in city limits…..right? Well, 4 years ago, just walking our dogs around on concrete sidewalks, that pass manicured lawns, our little dogs were being covered up with ticks!!!!!! I would do inspections of them before taking them into the house and was removing up to 20 ticks at a time off each puppy!!!! I repeat, this is in a privat suburb within its own concrete jungle! Now, to top that, 2 years before this there was a brown recluse explosion! Literally EVERYONE, everywhere was finding these highly poisonous spiders in their homes, closets, being bitten (I was bitten)!!!!! There are definitely some forms of biological warfare being tested in public places in America!!!!!

Milo W says:

Truthstream Media . As a fellow Missourian, the bit about Manhattan terrifies me since I live maybe 30 miles from the border. (NE of KC, Clay county)

Lynn Durbin says:

Nicely done. Great sarcasm too. The Fed's won't quit until all humans and animals are destroyed. Thank you illuminate Lucifarines, you will be lit by the fire of Hell.

Irving Sanguinetti says:

Good mini doc… be nice if it were longer.

Donna Pierotti says:

Thank you tremendously for exposing the horrific, destructive and deceitful behavior by the US government. As I've had Lyme, but not Lyme, Chronic Lyme Disease Complex because that is the proper name for it for well over 2 decades, I have been treated with such disrespect and I am certain that in most of my medical files, it has been documented that I have severe mental issues. I know this why? Because even after testing abnormally on testing done by supposedly well-respected professionals at some of the best hospitals in the country including Columbia Presbyterian and Cornell Wiell University, I have been told that I was just going through menopause, hence being overemotional, that since I was a stay at home mother, I wasn't fullfilled, that I was looking for attention, and that I was mentally unstable. In 1994 I came down with Bells Palsy, bullseye rash, flu like symptoms, low grade fevers, swollen knees, etc. My husband at the time took me to ER because I thought I was having a stroke. I was tested for Lyme and instructed to return for the results in 2 weeks. When I returned to the hospital I was told they lost the test results and that was before everything was computerized. I went to see my MD. He refused to take another Lyme titer. A year later, I insisted that he order one. His nurse called me and told me it was negative. In 2005 I woke up one day and couldn't move and had difficulty swallowing for an entire day. My husband at the time, who really couldn't give a rat's ass about me, called his neurologist at Cornell and scheduled an appointment for me.
Even though I tested abnormally neurologically and tested abnormally on EMG, Dr. Russell Chin told me that I was copying my husband's symptoms (my ex husband had been diagnosed with adult onset distal MD and if wasn't for me insisting on him seeing a doctor and asking my gastroenterologist for a referral, he wouldn't have gone. I also made sure that every single thing was documented and was present at all encounters with his doctor. I did everything I could, I contacted doctors and scientists at the MD foundation, I insisted on having copies of every lab, EMG, spinal tap, etc. results and I spoke with a great number of scientists on how best to help my then husband. And I was told that I was jealous and wanted the limelight now for myself? That was an insulting and an incredible outrageous lie. Point: also lost 50 pounds in 3 months, rapid fire. and had a diagnosis of severe gastroparesis from Dr. Peter Green MD who presently headsColumbia's Celiac Foundation and whom is quite impressive in his own right. Dr. Green strongly told me that Lyme causes gastroparesis. I last saw Dr. Green in about 2007 when he confirmed that it was his opinion that the gastroparesis had been caused by the Lyme disease and so that's why I had to be courteous towards the Russian prince ; first to be respectful, second, I had misjudged by stupid women countlessly useless mentally inept selfish women who could not read a book by it's cover, 4. to not see and believe who fools do after a truly such a rare jewel and obvious treasure he was upon meeting upon speaking to him, and 5, not thanking God immediately and last (because there is really so much more), ro my husband than meets the eye, (and anyone else whom has been blessed by a man like this) that to me, he is so beautiful, inside and out because his soul is so beautiful, My husband (second) believed me when I told him how very sick I was from day 1, even before that but he always treated me like a queen because he had spoken his marriage vows with all truth and has fulfilled all of them with dignity and respect. I told him about Plum Island about 8 years ago but could not find any legiitimate proof but now, by your truly factual and 100% true, he believed every word I said. He has cleaned up our bed when I have lost control of my bowels or bladder or when I have vomited over the toilet and had diahhrea at the same time, he has always cleaned up after me even when I begged him not to. He is cleaning our large home now because I cannot do it anymore and at this current moment, I am so sick that my life is threatened and I just want to give up but he won't let me. My husband, my miracle from God is keeping me alive and I thank God for him every day.

Tonya Gill says:

I was diagnosed in 2012 and have tested "CDC" positive 3 times and several other positive for 2 lyme specific bands and also human Parvovirus B19. I can't get help! They are trying to diagnose me with Somatic Symptom Disorder which I'm fighting them on because I'm not crazy! I have Neuro Lyme and the white matter lesions in my brain have been dismissed as migraine related. Very few believe me. It's been a long lonely and painful road! Thanks for your research, I shared hoping people will watch!

VesselofMercy100 says:

I’ve had a few tick bites, I run a tree business. I guess I’ll have to start the long journey to an answer. Good news is I didn’t get the famous bullseye ring around the bite thorough. Thank you for the info as always!

fiona craig says:

See, I'm wondering if Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also little known about, once referred to as Gulf War syndrome, surprisingly common, literally the same symptoms and results, ie death with infection riddled organs, heart and renal failure etc), it's also one of those things that doctors, the "important" people won't give a nod to. Instead psychological or harmful exercise treatment is pushed on patients.. I can't possibly explain it all, but I could not appreciate it more if someone can do a bit more digging, talking, tying together.
Families have been silenced following post mortem of early deaths, threatened when daring to take legal action. Sectioned under the mental health act, only to die with 75%inflammation to her spinal cord. Patients are left with feeding and breathing tubes, practically paralysed and all doctors can say is……"well, we don't know that". It's a complete farce and it's utterly heartbreaking when we're fighting so hard (mainly on twitter, #pwme..lots of lovelies with Lyme too, all in eachothers corners) and yet far too exhausted to do it properly.

Thomas Donnelly says:

I have Lyme disease. I use Iodine Selenium etc. Support the Thyroid. I use spices like clove, turmeric, ginger, cayenne and cinnamon

patrick mchenry says:

Didn't know ticks are so rampant in the North East , really appreciate your research, Lyme has been linked with Morgellons disease.

John Quinn says:

The tool that is killing us.

Udipotah XD says:

My cousin who lives in New Jersey got infected by this disease and there's no cure

Ryan Richmond says:

Its really cool that you say you're from Missouri (yet you're a Texas transplant) I'm originally from Southeast Missouri and am a Texas transplant. What part of Missouri are you originally from if you don't mind me asking. Really enjoy yalls videos. Alot of eye opening stuff. My grandmother got Lyme disease from a tick bite and she dealt with the same thing your mom did and she lived in Missouri all of her life and heard the same story.

S Pol says:

I am a biologist from estern europe, lyme is animal syphilis

Michael Egan says:

Thank you but how do you two keep this up? Most of us would have topped ourselves given a third of what you have discovered but if you mention this 90 % of people think you are barmy. Your energy is an inspiration.

BLARE!!! stew says:

I am wondering if this is somehow connected to trying to cover up candida.

Crazy Kup says:

Fucking government is super crooked and will lie through there teeth to cover there asses!!!! No matter who gets hurt in the process!! They’re the reason I have Lyme and now they did give a shit!

Liam Mutter says:

Lyme disease isn't that serious. WTF are you talking about. Chronic Lyme disease is a myth. Lyme disease is basically a small fever that goes away. Please do more research.

Glenn D. Miller says:

Never forget this- Jesus heals & this includes Lyme disease!
Read your Bible- what Jesus and the disciples were doing 2000 yrs ago, healing the sick & casting out demons happens today mostly in 3rd world countries, but sadly not much in North America.
We believe lies too many times instead of seeking healing from our Creator! If anyone is interested in more info. let me know. Text or call 717-865-7525

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