How to know if you have Lyme disease

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) records about 30,000 cases of Lyme disease each year. But researchers think the actual number of infections might be closer to 300,000

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Jeffrey Koelewijn says:

Ticks need to be exterminated

Amy Theusch says:

Doctors know exactly what causes the ridiculously inaccurate label PLDS, it's active infection. But until the government entities start pouring out the lies, millions of people will continue to become infected, bc they'll never allocate enough money to create accurate testing or treatment. SPEAK UP PEOPLE

Dot L. says:

Am I the only one that can't tolerate the music on this video?

kole may says:

0:25 i have the on the side of my head what the fuck do i do

Jennifer Mill says:

If anyone would like to get tested for Lyme Disease there is a Lab in California that specializes in Lyme Disease. Most general labs at hospitals etc… will give you a false Negative! The name of the lab is IGENEX! Here is the link to order a test!
I also recommend watching a documentary on Lyme Disease here on YouTube called “Under Our Skin” Part 1 and Part 2! It will give you a good idea on what exactly Lyme Disease does to you and some of the most extreme cases! I hope this can help someone who is sick and doesn’t know why!

Visitor says:

Not mentioning mosquitos. I took a long time before diagnose
Because I had no idea mosquitoes were a possibility

Dark Laouve says:

i just want to smash that tick

Jennifer Jane says:

Thousands of people each year, have you been updated? It's approximately 300.000 people each year now.

Elizabeth 4642 says:

Just Americans what about other people in the world

Dr. Phil Nicolaou says: is not easy to treat !

karen coe says:

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am free from Lyme disease.
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my son is 11 months old I found a little tic on him 2 weeks ago yesterday the bullseye rash appeared I hope he is safe

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