Feds Tapped President Donald Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen’s Phones | CNBC

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CNBC’s Eamon Javers reports that President Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen had his phones wiretapped.
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Feds Tapped President Donald Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen’s Phones | CNBC


Pranove Prasad says:

where is that Russian collusion ??? Fake News make me sick in my stomach.

Xond Xonderson says:

Ha ha ha ha! According to NBC, NBC is fake news! NBC had to call out themselves for reporting fake news!

KMW W says:

2014 ask the tap tap tap for over a year and now again. Got mocking birds everywhere

timber_beast says:

I wonder if Trump was smart enough to try and act innocent on the recordings? – na – probly not

iamavet says:

When did the KGB take over the leadership of the FBI.? First they raid Manafort's home at 4 am and drag his wife out of bed and terrorizing the kids. Now they are wiretapping WH lawyers and taking all the lawyers client privileged documents.  Is Mueller the person behind these KGB tactics? Maybe it is time to start buying some heavy duty weapons to protect my Forth Amendments as well as my 2nd from Govt raiders.

TheJukeboxhero15 says:


Bagabones Felis says:

Answers from Huckabeast? Bah HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, roflmao! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…takes deep breath….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA hahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA cough cough, gets drink, hahahahahaha, wipes tear….thanks for that…

Lyle Smith says:

One has to wonder if Stormy's lawyer was fed the intel gotten from the wire tap.

Joseph Biteme says:

Meanwhile, North Korea released American prisoners, yet this is what’s reported. Way to go FAKE media!

Joseph Biteme says:

You pathetic, leftist will suffer severe consequences for all of this BS. “What goes around comes around”, sore losing a**holes!

Lasno Haja says:

One lesson to be learned is ; Don't use phone or anything else that leaves a digital trai. Face-to-face communications offer less legal danget in USA, because in court who can remember exactly who said what?

James Dyer says:

This is working out beautifully! Liars they may be accomplished one's hardly

haha hillary lost trump won says:

CNBC director pleads guilty to spying on teenager with hidden camera in bathroom.

haha hillary lost trump won says:

CNBC director pleads guilty to spying on teenager with hidden camera in bathroom.

haha hillary lost trump won says:

CNBC director pleads guilty to spying on teenager with hidden camera in bathroom.

Nicki nurse says:

Manafort was a total Putin puppet working in Ukraine…he is sent to get Trump elected. How much more do we need to prove collusion? Let's wrap up this embarrassing period of our history and take measures to prevent it from happening again. I suggest we require vetting & competency exams be performed by an unbiased agency before anyone can be considered as a candidate for the presidency, and maybe we should also require IQ tests for voters so the mentally handicapped are not allowed to vote again.

Weber Kom says:

US is now moving towards surveillance state.

Spying and wiretapping to your political opponent is very dangerous and bad for democracy.

It will backfire badly.

Jeff Jones says:

Please let this be the beginning of the end of this extremely corrupt administration

Gary Witherspoon says:

Quick into the Oval Office they can't corner us there!
US Court of Public Opinion demands the current WH Press Speaker step down without another day at the WH Press Microphone.
The woman speaks for a corrupt organization of capitalists attempting to privatize the Executive Branch and American Institutions designed to protect American rights.
The use of an “outside council’ to perpetuate the lies of Sarah Huckabee Sanders while she speaks for a corrupted Oval Office will not stand.

John Glue says:

Remember when people called Trump crazy for claiming he was being taped?


Turned out to be more FAKE NEWS….


Hola una pregunta aqui es badabun

OSKA says:

TRUMP, COHEN, GIULIANI and who knows who else are DOG TUKER

Robert Green says:

What Trump talked to Michael Cohen when his residential place and his office were raided had been heard. What did they talk about?

Anthony Gilham says:

seems like the fbi is retaliating against trump along with the dems

luvvinallmusik 57 says:

Uh, what? The Trump WH is doing a "Who's on First" skit.

Jack Cameron says:

What does this have to do with Russian collusion?

Joy Bradford says:

MAGA – My Attorney Got Arrested!

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