10 Mysteries of Space Scientists Can’t Explain!

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an actual world cup says:

if life exists elsewhere
now what

DrivenByDiamond says:

I would not at all be surprised if we found bacteria on Mars

Ovy Ortolaza says:

Dude your the only reason I go to YouTube . I hope you see this comment . Like your the only reason

Ethan Martin says:

The question is what happened to EARTH

Super Nova says:

Beam me up Scottie

pan af says:

planet nine is inhabited by humanoid apes. Cesar

Mello Monika Dimensions says:

Aww The Moon and Earth. I ship it

Lanke Jayanth says:

love your video mat hope any hollywood celeb buy space in omaurmaur?

TimoKa says:

11th mystery: Why can't every man have a nice thick beard like yours? I blame it on the zeros that decided Pluto is no longer a planet – wink. 1st of your videos I've seen, impressive. Thanks for posting.

Sammyi Gaming says:

I always watch these types of videos… but yours is educational AND funny!!! Thank you and keep up da good work!!!! =D

no globe says:

space only exists in tiny minds

Kaylee Schmidt says:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………… im doing a research at school and this really helped me good job and plus it was funny

Carlitos Delacruz says:

I wish our sun was blue like other stars

anthony crescenzo says:

Surprised you didn't put dark matter on this list

Whatsapp Videos says:

You look like Popoy villain

Garyjunebug says:

Pluto is classified as a real planet again

Where is Lamb sos says:

Omuamua looks like an elongated cigar…Elon Musk…Elon Musk is short for Elongated Musket…ELON MUSK IS ALIEN CONFIRMED

CzarChoiThe2nd says:

I always think "Pluto" when I hear ninth planet.

John Whyman says:

Seems that if anyone else had commented on the pronunciation of the asteroid oumuamua it is deeper than I care to search. Amyway you pronounced it "oo more more". It is "mow mow", inspired by the song papa oom mow mow, by the Rivingtons, in 1962.

Саган Мари says:

Do a video on the mysteries of black holes!!

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