President Donald Trump delivers remarks on National Day of Prayer | ABC News

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The president marks The National Day of Prayer at the White House Rose Garden.

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Michael Davis says:

You doin that for your enemies esau

LegendofVII says:

Trump is evil, both sides are controlled

LegendofVII says:

You people believe this shit?

David Dennison says:

Last night Rudy Judy comes clean, Trump paid for Stormy and today Trump making statements about Prayer on TV? Whoa Satan is in the WH!

Jason says:

Wow no one cared about the f**ed up audio-video sync … thats the 2nd most annoying thing to watch

Wasay 2424. says:

I don't know why I'm saying this but I really don't care about politics no please don't disturb me ABC News because I was just making fun of some politicians for fun while playing Call of Duty

spongebobsallu says:

No muslim? Why am i not suprised

John Waki says:

Faith is to be sure of the things that we hope for, things that are unseen.(FIRE) But when it is seen or what we hope for becomes reality, that's the glory of what is hoped for. (CLOUD). The FIRE is ALFA. The CLOUD is OMEGA. THE I'AM WHO I AM. The cloud of glory always reflect its FIRE. But in Christian faith, the CLOUD OF GLORY of the returning Messiah must reflect the FIRE OF PENTECOST. The fire of Pentecost is the womb of the child the world is waiting for and a cloud hid him from their sight. The son of the Holy Mary (Christianity). The son of the Holy fire of Pentecost. The son of Ben Joseph and Ben David according to Israel and he is also the son Mary according to Christianity and Islam. From the ends of the earth in the islands of the sea. He is in the order John of God and of the Holy virgin. He's born GOOD MORNING MOTHER WASHINGTON I am who I am. Your child.

7seals says:

Do any of y'all really know what today is about go back and read your Bible. Put all this race and left wing right wing stuff aside and pray!

Shawnette Osborne says:

Thank you Jesus for our President and our World! Thank you God for our Nation and most important you love for us….all people!

About2Snap says:

Why are they spending so much time praying to a god that doesn't exist. I swear this country wastes 50% of it's valuable political time praying and worshiping some ancient bullshit. WE'RE FUCKED!

Chauntel Bland says:

That’s some awesome, anointed Gospel music sangin’! Hopefully it will affect the residents at the White House!

Yolany Gutierrez says:

This is ridiculous. Americans are killing people in the Middle East and Africa for black oil and other natural resources. Indians in America are suffering too. These criminals and invaders keep praying to control the masses.

Aphobias Polemos says:

I pray against the evil liberal/leftist agenda and for Trump to lean on God.

Lucy 3 says:

"..and nothing is stronger than God"

Jessica Cervantes says:

God. Said these people are not good ground and he will deal with everyone of us. He wants the heart to be of what he can use plastic people God bless just because they are that way will we not be like this kind god first.

Bertha Barnes says:

Beautiful song!!!

Oladunni Angulu says:

Prevention is better than cure…let them learn the Bible in schools from pre-k to high school as part of their daily curriculum.

Quintin54 Harris says:

Coon train is running

Quintin54 Harris says:

sing master a song

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