How should Pre-Med and Medical Students Spend Summer Breaks

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In this video, Dr. Webb gives his suggestions on what pre med and medical students can do doing their summer breaks!

1. Have fun!

2. Do Research
Co-op/Internships and Summer Research Opportunities
for 2018 in Biomedical Research and for Pre-Medical Studies Students:

3. Clinical Experience

4. Volunteer

National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF):

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Justin Gaither says:

going into my first semester of college majoring in Biology what are some things i should be focusing on ????

Samuel Ayala says:

I’m taking a USMLE prep course during my MS1 (international med student) summer break!

Hafis Adegun says:

Hey Dr. Webb, I've noticed you have worn that UMD quarter-zip in a few videos now. What ties do you have to the university?

Martin Martinez says:

Thanks Dr. Webb!!

Eli Raystar says:

Awesome helpful video once again. Thanks. I’m starting a new job in the clinical realm, volunteering at hospice and also volunteering with Crisis Text Counseling, while starting my pre- med classes.

Sharkbates says:

I’ve been doing classes every summer to help me get 2 degrees in 4 years. Summer A & B. Right when this semester ends start classes again in a week :/ hopefully that looks good

Akram Khaled says:

Hey Dr. Webb thank you for the informative video. I am a pre-med student myself. I actually am an international student studying at UIC. I'm from Dubai, so I go back there during the first month of summer to shadow. Also, i am going to be doing full time research at the UIC College of Medicine and studying for the MCAT when i am back here. I know that a lot of people might say that i am at a disadvantage for being international, but i plan to make the best out of my experience in Dubai.

TinaOnEarth says:

Perfect timing, my MS1 summer break is coming up. I have done some traveling throughout my MS1 as an international student. But I think I would study for Step 1 and work mostly for the summer.

WolfmanBrody says:

I'm currently working for a moving company haha. I recently got out of the Army but I am pursuing any medical opportunity that comes my way. Starting my Bio degree in August.

Igor Hawkingz says:

What is this thing called research of which you keep speaking of???

tyrone jones says:

Thanks Dr. Webb for the video. This will be a busy summer for me. I will study for MCAT, along with an brain and body donation research internship with Banner health at Arizona State University, followed by attendance for one week in July at the Alzheimer's Advancement International conference 2018 in Chicago

Bob Boberson says:

What is boys and girls club of America? I could google it but then I’ll have to stop watching this video.

Hamilton Newhart says:

As a medical student (M1 year essentially), it depends on what you want to go for. If you want a competitive field, then yeah, you probably should do research or something else along those lines. If you know you want something less competitive, then you have options.

Adrian Burgess says:

Buzz Lightyear dies in infinity war

Rodney Farmer says:

Thank you for the video. My first summer after first year of medical school will be split between a FEMA Disaster Training conference, preparing for step 1, and Disney with the wife to celebrate our 1st anniversary. And, just maybe a few days of hitting snooze on the alarm and sleeping in past 6am. 🙂

Andrew Robertson says:

I will be working on a family farm preparing for a fall planting,have not decided what to plant yet.

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