Software Inc: Slapple | BUILDING THE NETWORK (#2)

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TheOneDan says:

Slapple MUST be a marketing god.

Rizky miftah satwika Hermawan putra says:

Plz do more of software inc

Nickjet 45 says:

The reason why you didn’t get 50k was because you left a large amount of bugs

Learning Thru The Insanity says:

So far my favorite let's play.

NACH0 CHEE5E says:

we need an alternate version of the legend of brian, and for a game engine use a name that is similar to metal

Luca Relic says:

Alpakka Clicker (Game)

garbuckle 3000 says:

You really should make a game called "Absolute Tripe". A simulation, of course

Spiros Painesis says:

Where is face cam?

WarpingParadox says:

That worker asked for a 800 dollar raise because his coworkers made 1800 while he made 1000

Chen Maike says:

Don’t follow the recommended code and art units, they only bring mediocre quality.

Spiros Painesis says:

Sea of thieves on Sat plz

_Underscore_ says:

You need to call somewho to repair your computers!

NightTime Ninja says:

Last season you got 1mil on first or second episode.

Mohammed Hijazi says:

Change the team hours till 6pm, you're loosing 2 hours of work…6pm is the sweet spots without exhausting your employees

Angelia Goode says:

You probably need a phone for your marketer.

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