Meet The World’s Worst Logo Designer

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Hey guys, I’m starting a 30 day logo design challenge as well as starting to make daily videos (weekdays)! Today I’m making a logo design from the prompts given to me after I signed up for the 30 day logo design challenge. Here’s the link to their site if you want to join in with me! The first prompt was to make a logo for a company called “space.” I began with a few ideas in illustrator then finished off with coloring the logo and adding some dimension in photoshop. I think the final logo design looks cool and is a nice color but I don’t think it’s very readable, so it’s not the best logo ever but it’s fun. This was my first day so come back tomorrow for another one!

Also come join the pre-sign up for an awesome design club at

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Frozen Star Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

The Forest and the Trees Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

[Solidarity] composed [Rick Dickert] provided by


Pasquato Giordano Cibriani Garbanzo Totti says:

Looks a bit like the psych logo from the tv show Psych

malee whichurr says:

A good logo is made in adobe illustrator. Vector files.

Brenna Davis says:

Is this Sim CIty music?

corkie says:

Man.. you're getting yourself in introuble..making a video while high as f*ck..

11하영 says:

I really like it!!! You’re so bright and awesome. I really want to edit stuffs like you! Thank you for sharing!

Slitherinto Dracosbed says:

The space logo’s kinda Shreky. As in the green ogre Shrek.


Hey, thanks for the 30 Days of Logo Challenges website you left down the description.

Philgob says:

guess what he is…
a) high
b) retarded
c) just weird
d) all these answers
e) a and b
f) a and c
g) b and c

Oh Nooo says:

It sucks your logo

Ole Morel says:

Were you high ??

Aileni Irina says:

Shaggy, is that you?

m0rgenstar says:

l o v e this logo!

Casper Bjerkehagen says:

haha, i dont know why your videos has so many dislikes, but youre getting constant views heh

u big mad or little mad says:

your videos are the best, most interesting videos I've ever seen on youtube about graphic design. like, I'm watching the video for entertainment but I'm also learning. you are the best kind of teacher.

Michellina Hanna says:

you're officially my favourite person. i am so obsessed with your videos! i've got the shortest attention span a person could have, but your humour and energy makes your videos so easy to watch and focus on, not to mention your skills and talent. you're radical and i love it

hjhjh70 says:

Your trying so hard to be funny…

EliP says:

Its getting lots of views because we thought it was another youtube talking about you

Mitchell Rohrbaugh says:

I don't know if you're messing around but, it got old fast couldn't stay past 3 minutes.

Kate Top says:

is that illustrator?

Dylan Haddad says:

What tablet is he using?

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