Computer Science vs Software Engineering – Which One Is A Better Major?

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What’s the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering majors? Watch this video to find out!

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CS Dojo says:

Hey guys! FYI, I have a Medium article with the same topic here:

If I need to make updates in the future, I’ll update the article because updating a Medium article is so much easier than updating a YouTube video 🙂

Yash Gamit says:

Is Information Technology the same as Computer Science or Software Engineering?

Brian Chang says:

What is the deference between information technology and software engineering?

Subhankar Das says:

Hello brother, i m 12th pass out in this year and i want to do in computer science, which branch or courses i will choose.

Mohdsahid Ali says:

Sir me ten pass hu

Future Society Of Gentlemen says:

Waterloo's Software Engineering course seem more parallel with Computer Engineering with a Software concentration. It's more hardcore than most programs in the US, which is more theoretical…..the exception being MIT and Stanford, which mixes CS with EE.

The SE upper level courees at most schools only cover software development and engineering subjects. Again, nothing hardcore outside of Computer Architecture.

cyber sploit says:

very nice ans

Sukh Sodhi says:

In which course(CS/SE)one have to learn programming languages?

Mechanical engineering Mechanical Engineers says:

sir if mechanical engineer got job in goggle

Salil Shukla says:

Computer science is better

aditi shrivastav says:

I'm 16 .Interested in programming. Don't want to work sitting in any chair whole life.Still confused- computer science or software engineering. Plz help if any one can.

21st Century Is Gay says:

I was gonna go into software engineering for less math but they both have the same amount? Interests are with theoretical computer science once more

AD44 says:

I can see your biceps

MrWgamer says:

Strange, in the UK, you don't get software engineering as a degree, you will get computer science coupled with one of the other subjects (software engineering, AI, etc…) as a part of it

Mark Benjamin says:

Hey, what about Computer Technology and Information Technology?

S SK says:

Purru pitthu gabbu goddhe

Slorduh says:

Woooo I live in waterloo

turinreza says:

do you think GPA is more important if you get a CS degree?
most likely a Software Engineering degree would get a job more easily with a lower GPA than a computer science degree since they expect CS people to get good grades and be specialist in a specific field like computer vision and machine learning.
If you got poor grades then they might think you are not good at science but can be a code monkey to put apps together.
thoughts on GPA affecting job offers for new graduates?

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