Software Inc: Slapple | STARTING WITH A PLAN (#1)

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Emil Rosén says:

More Software Inc

Dylan Verhoef says:

Have A LOT of servers, they Can Make buttloads of money, And you Can focus on making software, And not money

Im Daniel - Norsk Gaming says:

Audio tool: slapp fx


Made a antivirus for phones that is called "Slapple protect 2000"!! =P

LLT Playz says:

My software is – Police game – rpg – open world – and the rest is up to u


This game and mods in this game are all i always wanted from you!! =D

TheOneDan says:

What the hell is Tryp

Cool Master says:

Play Banished modded pls

Rick Baller says:

Make websites with the website mod. Or make apps for phones!

Acco 4321 says:

Ermahgawd! More Software Inc.! I LOVE THIS SERIES! NEW SERIES HYPE! One two three Yay! Yes! Yes! Yes! Who’s with me?

Mohammed Hijazi says:

nice series start…but you MUST MARKET your software or else you will not sell any units. Market Market Market and a tip i noticed after my 100 hours in the game, use press builds monthly ONLY 3 months before release

Cluster Burst says:

Was apple your inspiration

Emanuel Cruz says:

where ? is stoneheart pls where is it pls get it back

danielkjm says:

MOD list PLZ

Shine Bee says:

You should make a Dice Roller app.

ong gabriel says:

400th like yes

Elijah Tidwell says:

Don’t forget about things like calculators and drawing tablets.

hydron powers says:

A search engine: Find my sash
Game engine: Unreal Unity
Game: Don't Steal
Audio tool: That's not what I meant
Operating System: Don't block the toilets

Britto's Gaming says:

Anti-Virus for the phone??

Joe Scott says:

Audio tool called limewire

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