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With talk of recreational marijuana being legalized across the country, you’re probably thinking a little more about taking the legit route to scoring your strains. But even in a state such as California that voted to legalize recreational marijuana last year, residents can’t just waltz into a store to purchase some yet—that likely won’t happen until early 2018. So, what can you do until then?

Well, that’s where your medical marijuana card comes in. Before you click out of this page because you’re getting nervous at even the thought of talking to your doctor about pot, relax. This is the age of Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat, so rest assured that there are ways to get your marijuana card right on your phone or computer, and you can even have your medical marijuana recommendation by lunchtime on any given day of the week. All you’ll have to do is have some information ready, a few bucks, and 15 minutes of your time.

To learn more, check out the video above–and don’t worry, you can thank us later.

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_ NEGAN_ says:

Once u get a medical card it is near impossible to obtain store bought firearms. Don’t do it gun owners.

Maris Diago says:

Marijuana strains appear to be especially useful when it comes to the treatment of several illnesses such as*Sleeping problem*Insomnia*Chronic pain, *Anxiety,*Muscle spasms,*Nausea.*Fibromyalgia*Multiple Sclerosis*Anorexia*Depression,*Insomnia, *Inflammation if i treated,Contact +1(760)706-0780 through whatapps, calls and texts

Davide Holman says:

we got, Moonrock, Gelato, Sour, Gorilla OG, Gorilla Glue #4, Lemon K, White Wid, GDP ,GSC, Blue dream, Blue berry, Super master O G and Pineapple express.
willing to ship or deliver and guarantees safety. u can text or call to arrange something, no bs # 408 753-0672

LTDanno360 says:

Good luck in kern County California getting a job if you have a medical card

Id Maker says:

Do you need an ID, DL, or any related document for any state/country? Contact and thank me later. Fast and prices are affordable.

Marina Capri says:

Also don't forget to fill out the forms in triplicate and pay a whole lot of extortion money. Don't forget the other hoops you have to jump through. After you have been properly identified by the government ( so they can take away some of your God given rights ) and paid more extortion monies you’re allowed to go to the store to buy what you need, for one year. With over inflated taxes of course! Then you have to do it all over again next year.
That’s a good dog, oops, I mean slave, oops again, I mean citizen.

John Patrick says:

'renewal'? What's wrong with the first one?

Aidan Mooney says:

going for holiday in the
usa can i get a card

Jaimee Humphrey says:

Reads "Order of the Law.": if the past got handled the way they bust for the C right on spot who wud be left.

taggy193 says:

Im visiting from london to Toms river Nj, and I need hooking up ! Can anyone help?

capt jim Mcintyre says:

I'd rather keep my privacy intact, and just want a forged MM ID–anyone know where I can get that?

Senpai Stone says:

Do you have to be 18 or 21 in California??

Nathan Steffanic says:


bgt125 says:

Ok. Well, that was a complete waste of three minutes.

aaron teves says:

In Florida by law you have to see a doctor. I’m person

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