Michelle Wolf performs stand-up routine at White House Correspondent’s dinner

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Wolf’s routine took shots at President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and the media.


Kyle Hibbitt says:

Im 33 and have never heard of this lousy person.

Jayne Doe says:

Teachers slanging guns for supplies lol

jarrod goforth says:

Man Trump is a coward just like a bully.

idaeus2k6 says:

She's pure scum

sentinelx1337 says:

Conservatives are such pussies.

Laverne Phillips says:

We need Con-Way stuck under a tree. lmao!

karl riley says:

At what point does she start telling jokes?????

Debbie Allport says:

Omg we could only take 20 seconds of this crap her voice is so annoying like mini mouse on crack and what the hell where they chanting about it sounded like a cult ?

John Lee Bass says:

MUY EXCELLENTE! Michelle rocked last night! Ha! AND EVEN BETTER, A WOMAN TOOK ON DONALD TRUMP LAST NIGHT! NO BARRIERS! Truth hurts, TrumpTards. YOU go LOW, We go LOW! We're Equal Opportunity Offenders, so GET OVER IT if ya' didn't like it! Besides, TrumpTards, FRAUD #45, and ALL of 45's goons are as "useful as a box of empty tampons". So go shed and bleed your whinny pussies elsewhere! MICHELLE WOLF FOR POTUS 2020!

Toby Hang says:

what a dumb bitch, she is not even funny.

George Taylor says:

I think Seinfeld is still safe. I'll give her this: She acknowledged that the Democrats will blow the midterms. It will be gun control, of course, as it always is. 70,000,000+ gun owners of voting age in America who, once again, have gotten the Democrat message, loud and clear: Vote Democrat And Lose Your Guns
Every single person who thumbs me down will do so knowing they would support a total nationwide ban of all firearms, and that a Democrat Congress would deliver it. Well, we know it, too. And we'll be voting against them.

Laverne Phillips says:


Frank Erdman says:

George S. , you gave us Bubba – PLEASE for the love of G-d give us another savior in 2020 otherwise the whole world is hosed.

mrkingssizesnicker says:

1. Michelle told the truth. 2. If you don't like it write your congressmen or Senator and tell them to change the format or the ceremony…whatever but Michelle was dead on point! Blame Donald Duck! #ImpeachTrumph or we'll get 2 more years of this honest comedy.

C Parker says:

That was amazing. Someone get this girl a movie deal or at least a Netflix and/or HBO special. No idea who she is but definitely think she deserves an award for tapping into what everyone feels. Even if she had good writers, she delivered.

Sherene Mcfarlane says:

She spoke the truth.
Truth makes people uncomfortable.
Unless your part of the Meet too Movement.

Danna Olson says:

WOW So that is the kind of entertainment the press likes? No wonder the MSM are so out of touch with what is going on. They dont even know what comedy is let alone news.

Colorman69 says:

WOW! so funny but I think the audience was in shock

738polarbear says:

Her voice is like somebody.s nails on a blackboard. I do not think she is really good looking enough herself to mock other people.s appearance . Unless you consider a poodle haired camel attractive . But l leaving that aside her jokes were not even that funny. But that voice . I.d rather chew wire.

Jean Falco says:


rusty1159 says:

My God this is the low life we have to live with.this shows how low people will go to say there better then you.there on the bottom and know it so this is what they do to try to get on top.this is the sickest America has to offer.making fun makes them feell good

trichel rachal says:

No Fake news here!!!….PURE truth in satire!

millie rodriguez says:


ucctgg says:

Just Not funny

Ward ZAZA says:

Someone give that skank a good left hook and straighten her skanky mouth out.

Mike Edwards says:

I had to look her up. I remember her from her HBO special. She killed it!

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