The Risks Of Trading Options On Robinhood App

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Options are complicated and the risks are not clearly presented. Unfortunately Robinhood provided access to options to people who are not yet familiar with them or the risks. We also feel Robinhood doesn’t do a great job of going over the basics of options to new traders.

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STerPARiO KlouDZ says:

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Learnzz says:

They all do that

Andres Dominguez says:

Lost 6k cuz of options in a week

Andy Wafflez says:

What if my call doesn’t reach my break even can I still sell ?

Cheleo Power says:

Great video, thanks for taking the time. I'm a Robinhood stock trader trying to learn options. I'm trying to go deep in the part "After the contract expires in the money" you need to have money to back it up! So if I don't have $26,800 in my account? RH will sell it for you at whatever price!

Gwent Champ says:

Thanks for the video. Very interesting.

WorldPrestige says:

Another great video man!

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