A Day In The Life of a Remote Software Developer| What I Love About It | #devsLife

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In todays video I talk about how due to certain circumstances I was allowed to work from home 3 days straight without docking any of my pay. Under normal circumstances you would have to use your sick days. But, because I am a front end developer, what I usually get done in the office, was able to do from anywhere else in the world. Working from home as a remote developer. #devsLife

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Jerry Lor says:

Pho!!!! Could eat that for breakfast lunch and dinner

Felix Thea says:

I think it’s important to stay home when you’re sick instead of trying to push through. You don’t want to get other people sick.

Astro Slayaa says:

Hi Chris. Since you work remotely these past few days, what do you usually do when you’re working?Just create layouts for future projects etc? Maintaining websites?

AzGoat says:

Thanks for the upload

Program With Erik says:

At the start of the video I was worried you were going to say you got laid off or something! Glad it was nothing like that! Hope you feel better!

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