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We think of fruit as a low-calorie and healthy food, eating it for snacks and even instead of dinner. However, many of them contain as much as chocolate!

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StarcoVsTheForceOfEvil says:

Good thing some of them are rare in the Philippines

Maddi Games says:

GRAPES?!? NOOOOOOOOOOO (I love grapes)

Maryam Abdulmumin says:

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Jessie Powell says:

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Jacob The dirtbiker says:

Im looking for foodS not just fruits and vegetebles


Second place grapes
Looks down at bowl of grapes they've been eating for the past few minutes

AN ANNA says:

সত্যি উপকারী।

Target BD says:

like this food

Peter Lotterhos says:

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Christa-Maria Valentine says:

Don't understand me wrong, I really love bright side's videos, but in that one, they said that bananas should be avoid while losing weight, but in another one, they say bananas helps losing weight!

Christina Wotila says:

I'm giving up everything except Avocados.

Super Vloger says:

Sooo… That is why I have barely any cellulite….

Masum khan1122 says:

I eat pears

Retro Gym Rat says:

Hey guys I have a series that I’m uploading on my channel. If you struggle to lose weight, follow along with my vids to get some ideas and to ask questions! 🙂

HerRoyalBlondeness says:

The moment this video compared fruit and chocolate I lost hope in this channel…. Goodbye

Venicile Buissereth says:

Tbh, I hate it how she longly pauses. Like don't take 10 seconds to speak between each lines

Venicile Buissereth says:

First, you can lose weight by eating 2 bananas a day but now bananas are……………….. Unhealthy.

Venicile Buissereth says:

Wait, who tf would eat the stone?!

Venicile Buissereth says:

Now fruit is unhealthy? What's next?

Drinking water raises your sodium by 50%?

Md Rafsan says:

4:52 underboob <3

Lissa Caputo says:

as i finish eating a banana

***A says:

No no noooooo

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