The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in America | Struggle Against the Spanish Flu | Documentary

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In 1918-1919, the worst flu epidemic in recorded history killed an estimated 50 – 100 million people worldwide. The U.S. death toll was 675,000 – five times the number of U.S. soldiers died in World War I.

In the documentary we meet individuals who describe what it was like to live through the 1918 flu pandemic. Their experiences raise questions about the pandemic: Why did it infect so many people? Where did this lethal flu come from? How can we keep a pandemic like that from occurring again? The film follows the search for answers from an expedition to Alaska in 1951 to collect tissue from bodies buried in the permafrost, to the scientists and epidemiologists working on the same questions today. It explains the relevance of research into the 1918 pandemic to the threat of current and future flu pandemics.

Historical Background / Context:

The 1918 flu pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus. It infected 500 million people across the world, including remote Pacific islands and the Arctic, and resulted in the deaths of 50 to 100 million (three to five percent of the world’s population).

Disease had already greatly limited life expectancy in the early twentieth century. A considerable spike occurred at the time of the pandemic, specifically the year 1918. Life expectancy in America dropped by about 12 years.

Most influenza outbreaks disproportionately kill juvenile, elderly, or already weakened patients; in contrast, the 1918 pandemic predominantly killed previously healthy young adults. Modern research, using virus taken from the bodies of frozen victims, has concluded that the virus causes cytokine storm (overreaction of the body’s immune system). The strong immune reactions of young adults ravaged the body, whereas the weaker immune systems of children and middle-aged adults resulted in fewer deaths among those groups.

Historical and epidemiological data are inadequate to identify the pandemic’s geographic origin. It was implicated in the outbreak of encephalitis lethargica in the 1920s.

To maintain morale during World War I, censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, Britain, France, and the United States; but papers were free to report the epidemic’s effects in neutral Spain (such as the grave illness of King Alfonso XIII), creating a false impression of Spain as especially hard hit – thus the pandemic’s nickname Spanish Flu.

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in America | Struggle Against the Spanish Flu | Documentary


The Best Film Archives says:

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Kithro Games says:

Smallpox laughs at this (300-500million) dead in one century. And it's been around for thousands of years

Cindy Burke says:

My great grandfather, his brother and my great grandfathers 3 month old son all died within a week of each other, Nov, Dec 1918.

Humble one says:

This is some scary stuff

TheBookWorm1718 says:

Which one of these has Andre Braugher in it talking to old ladies about getting vaccinated?

Centrist Philosopher says:

In Britain, the Spanish Flu is largely forgotten. Perhaps because here, WW1 fatalities (est 750,000- 1 million) were higher than the influenza deaths (est. 250,000) but there is no question that around the world, this was far deadlier than the Great War- and possibly second only to the Black Death as the biggest killer in history.

17 million perished in India alone!

MrWithnailJRjunior says:

if i lived in those times of such airborn dis eases, i would have simply gone out into the wilderness by myself and camp out for a few months or more.

SoyFortniteBro _ says:

gg plague inc.

Youll Donuttin says:

we owe are ancestors alot they survived most diseases than were immune to today

Chris P. says:

The smartest people on Earth are the Inuit, no diseases can survive the cold where they live so they never get sick up there, most diseases start in hot tropical areas where disease prospers.

Louisa Capell says:

Why did this woman say there was no Spanish flu vaccine? Of course there was. There's abundant evidence today to show that people we're infected by the vaccines poison itself. What a load of propaganda.

Jimwel Mancion says:

Fuck the flu back in 1918 those who died around the world the mortality rate are so high

scientes vos says:

675,000 United States. 1 in 3

Trey Spiva says:

When were these people Filmed.

Jimwel Mancion says:

I know that the flu kill more people than a seasonal virus

Anna Morris says:

Now that we have just been educated about the deadly 1918 influenza, take a little more time to check out RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). It is consistently more deadly than flu. There is no vaccination and practically no medications to treat it. The CDC had an RSV tracking site. How is your community faring at this time, February through early May 2017? We have a lot of horribly sick people here in the Idaho/Oregon border area. There are also a lot of horribly ill people in Texas. This bug lasts for weeks and people are not getting well though I have been assured–for what it's worth–that people are not dying from it. I have been flat on my back for over 30 days and see no signs of getting better. Others I know were sick for weeks and got better eventually. I will soon enter extended care because I am too ill to care for myself. I am in my 50s and was in generally good health and physically fit.~~~~The CDC is concerned about RSV but as I understand their site, without a vaccine or other treatment there is not much to be done and so this thing goes un-noted. At minimum I think we need a People's Virus Reporting site somewhere online where regular folks can say anecdotally, hey, a lot of people in my area are seriously ill; doctors call it a virus and people aren't getting better. If nothing else, those of us who can avoid crowds or those who have underlying risk factors can check out what's happening locally and live in an educated fashion. I personally had an elderly family member to protect. We ate a meal in a crowded restaurant, we were horribly ill less than 10 days later and now neither one of us is functioning. A People's Virus Report would help authorities stay on their toes and might prevent doctors and practitioners from spewing euphemisms about "you'll get better", "it's just a virus, give it 10 days", etc. I am not the only person around here who has been devastatingly ill for weeks. I had an active life and I would sure like to know when or if I will ever feel better again or be functional.

Mike DeNicola says:

My great grandfather on my mother's side survived the Spanish Flu. He was stationed in Bosnia at the time that the Epidemic was raging at the tail end of World War I. He lived to see the end of the war. Despite contracting the disease, he was a lucky man considering how the Flu killed so many young and healthy adults.

Bray Bulahan says:

Our American kids are sick with so many illnesses that used to only affect adults! Then there's autism that used to be 1 in 5,000 – now it's 1 in 27. Then there's auto-immune problems and kids having digestion problems and getting diarrhea all the time.  I'm 72 and had only 4 vaxes when I was a kid. When a kid n our neighborhood came down with chicken pox, mom would send us over to catch it and get it over with. Then we'd get the mumps and measles, and they'd come over to our house. There were 12 of us kids and we all survived it and had fun to boot. And WE got LIFETIME immunity against all of those. Now, kids have to have boosters (3 & 4 times for each germ) bc vaccines don't give them lifetime immunity.

Today our great grandbabies will have to have 39 vaxes before they reach 1st grade!!  Then more in elem & jr high school.  All that toxic mercury goes to different organs and there's a build up in their bodies with so many vaxes.  Now we also have aluminum in the toxic soup, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissues, and other toxins given to babies from the day they're born (HepB shot) thru their 1st 12 months. Then more series as the 2nd year goes on, etc.  I'm starting to think that these shots are another way for Big Pharma to make huge profits on the backs of our children's health.  It is very frustrating seeing today's sickly kids compared to how healthy we were long ago.

FreedomWriter3 says:

I would have been terrified growing up in this time era. Influenza is no joke.

Karline H. says:

Was there not a great vccination campaign during that time, to prevent the "Germ Infected" soldiers to bring desease from the trenches of europes WW I back home to the USA? And was it not, that the uitbreak began with this vaccination campaign??

Jayson Dave Billojan says:

Walking dead

Angella angella says:

spanish influenza

PowderMonkey82 says:

this whole dodo is about sprooking for flu vacs thats all

Justa Likeadat says:

Their first effort with vaccines did this ?

reginald58 says:

bullshit the Spanish flue was spread by the vaccine they used in 1918

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