Comical Impressionist Takes on TRUMP on Britain’s Got Talent 2018

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Watch Comedian and impressionist Andrew Lancaster take on Trump, Brian Cox, Nigel Farage and Russel Brand on Britain’s Got Talent 2018. What did you think of his stand-up impressions?? Let us know in the comments below…

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Brooklyn Arceneaux says:

Rent free inside your heads

I'm Gay says:


Saw Hero says:

I want trump to watch this and reply

Not That Guy says:

I never understand why the impressionists on BGT are supposed to be funny, and they always have to mention who they are doing. Either I can tell, or it's not very good.

UnderTheKnee says:

Trump was awful in all honesty, he's picked up on some of his gestures and speech patterns but it's not great. I can't quite judge the other impressions since I have not much experience with the original persons. Though I do know Russel Brand, and personally, again, this was not impressive to me.

Lia Laffitte says:

Adrew Lancaster God blessing you

Enisa Jusufi says:


Food Fair says:

He talked too fast.

Kuduvoyi Chizo Ata says:

Am first to comment yahoo

dairo samson says:

What an impressive performance,thumbs up for u guy

Umesh Bista says:


Titanium pennyboard Yt says:

3rd I watched but I forgot to post

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