Living With Chronic Pain In A Relationship

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Welcome to part 2 where we will watch Kelsey and Lara start their laser treatments and talk about what it’s like navigating relationships with chronic pain. Will they find relief??? Watch to find out!

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Amanda E says:

Thank you for posting this, its hard….I want I "normal" life, energy …health

Uonu Lizan says:

3:17 I smell pseudoscience. Very stinky.


i really feel sad lara

Double DJ says:

Wait anyone know the whole story of the blonde girls pain, like what did the doctor do?

Steph Pavao says:

After my latest Endometriosis surgery, I was told it has spread to my bowels, so it would still exist even if I received a hysterectomy.

PikachenGoGo says:

Too bad I can't afford to try these lasers out. Why did I watch this video when I'm in this position. I have both of what these girls have and more. yay

PikachenGoGo says:

This video made me cry. I'm so tired of being in pain and I know this mystery illness will take me before my time. But it's so hard to continue..

Zoey Grace says:

I am honestly so grateful you both made this series. I’m 17 years old and for 3 years now I’ve struggled with Chronic Pain, specifically Fibromyalgia. The way that people look at me and the way I feel 24/7, the walking aids and pain management I need day to day… it can make a person feel really isolated and awful. You girls making this video really makes me feel amazing about myself. I’m really glad you both got to have this experience and I’m really really happy that you shared it with the world. ❤️

Kamryn Koble says:

I laid in bed for five hours with chronic pain today and really, really needed this video. The last thing we need is guilt on top of the pain we already feel. Thank you for making these!

Keeley Haworth says:

Is there a link to this doctor?

Seraphin says:

…is this scientific? This doesn't seem very scientific.

BrittKatSlat says:

Something about this lady seems off. I mean she was layering through their jeans! Snake oil saleswoman….

kailey grace says:

seeing pepper be hopeful makes me think that life is freaking worth something tbh

PM Snowraven says:

I am so grateful for this series. As a suffer of extreme chronic pain it helps to know there are people who understand what you go thru

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