Lana Del Rey laughs after boyfriend caught cheating

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Lana Del Rey steps out with her boyfriend Francesco by her side for the first time since cheating rumors emerged between Francesco and Rita Ora’s sister, Elena. Twitter @stupidfamous ►
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Danielle Alexandra McKenzie says:

Maaaan if y’all don’t leave Lana alone smfh

Joey 9 says:

Oh yeah, I'd let her sit on my face.

Joker Smile says:


Joker Smile says:

Where do hot girls go and find these looosssers!!!HAVE NO CLASS..HEY ASSHOLE!!!HOLD HER HAND AND WALK WITH HER U HOMO!

Apollo XXIII says:

Our unbothered queen

Sid says:

Just leave her alone geez

Martin King says:

Journalists are such pieces of shit..they should of spat on him..then laughed.

Sagar Patil says:

Is she "Lana sit on my face" Lana?

eazybleezy says:

This guy need to order a shirt from untuck it

Marshie878 says:

Your channel is stupid not the celebs leave them alone

kensta2468 says:

Yuck, she was walking in dirty New York barefoot.

Debshree Basu says:

omg her magical voice

andreita ita says:

what an icon

John Wilson says:

I would make love to her in a field of cabbage

The Radical Den! says:

make a EMP device that affects cameras only, that would be sick

esteban Valenzuela says:

i love her laugh, shes like "i can get another one in a minute"

Bedlamite says:

why doesnt she have shoes on

Lonesome Queen says:

I know that I'm a mess with my long hair, sun tan, short dress, bare feet, I don't care what they say about me.

Literally describes her in this video.

Alianza de Pezunikornio says:

Is she barefoot?

Naufal Ziqri says:

I can just sense that that pap is from TMZ cause the guy’s the hugest asshole ever.

Faith Love says:

Was she barefoot??

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