We Are All Being Turned Into Patients: Medical Science, Marketing, Consumers

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Ray Moynihan is an Australian researcher, health journalist, documentary-maker and author. Employed for many years as an investigative journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, he has also worked for the Australian Financial Review and is currently a visiting editor at the British Medical Journal, a correspondent for Radio New Zealand and a conjoint lecturer at the University of Newcastle. His stories regularly appear in the BMJ, The Australian, Crikey and the ABC.in Australia. Moynihan is a prolific public speaker.

Ray Moynihan grew up in Brisbane, Queensland and on graduating from the University of Queensland, worked as a reporter at community radio station 4ZZZ.[3] He joined ABC Radio News Brisbane in the mid 1980s as a reporter, staying with the organisation for over a decade in a variety of roles including the presenter of investigative radio program ‘Background Briefing,’ reporter for JJJ and the ‘7.30 Report’ and as researcher then producer at Four Corners, where he developed a strong interest in health reporting. Moynihan went on to write a number of books.[4] He spent 1999 at Harvard University after winning a Harkness Fellowship,[5] and now works part-time as an academic at the University of Newcastle.[6][7] Moynihan lives in Byron Bay with his partner, filmmaker Miranda Burne.


1995 – co-recipient (with Dr Norman Swan) of the Peter Grieve Award for medical journalism
1996 – Michael Daley Award for excellence in science journalism
1998 – 1998-1999 Harkness Fellowship in health care policy


Image By MaicoPinelli (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Avalon says:

We live in a society that is filled with laziness and wanting someone else to take responsibility for very poor self care. Including wanting to eat whatever they want and being given a pill to make it go away when in fact it is being covered up. Out of mind fixes everything. Some do need medication however if you are on more than 5 medications that is to many.

Avalon says:

As an insider in the medical world since 1980 I offer a service as a Seasoned Nurse to protect people through education and actually going with lay
People that have no idea what is Real or quite honestly do not know enough to ask the right questions nor how many doctors talk about their patients as a disorder and make small problems into deaths with no consequences because the masses have no money to bring a civil suit unfortunately doctors are given kick backs from Big Pharma and how over medication by over 5 doctors to one doctor with the rise of specialist, have died as a result of this treatable lack of knowledge and yet so many people have been brainwashed that the doctor is God and not really think that the doctor would ever hurt anyone when in fact I have witnessed over 37 years of neglect and quite honestly doctors only care about their license and Money. Informed Consent is what I offer however I am not covered by insurance. I would like to suggest that you ask yourself about what the Root cause of a medical condition is and that medication is given vs addressing the Root cause of the illnesses that only covers up the problem vs treating Please always read the insert of all medication given and the side effects. All health care in America is corporate owned. Most illnesses are preventable and medication is not necessary. I wish the focus would turn to a Medical Model focused on brainwashing the masses that disease is normal and I have to say Cancer is not a disease it is a result of Chemical exposure and is a vast huge money maker for the doctors and Big Pharma. After listening to the unfortunate people who are still convinced that they can fix this problem with the Medical Model and have given their power and money over to the Corporate Hospital Society. You are paying these people to confuse you with fear and sometimes are fired by their doctors by asking doctors questions. One last side note is that every Hospice in America is almost exclusively owned by a doctor and and serve as the Medical Director of the Hospice that is also the doctor that is treating their Cancer as an Oncologist. From life to death we are major money for profit sharing corporate interests such as a Car Dealership who want you to return by taking advantage of the consumer. I have become so disenchanted with a people that refuse to take responsibility for their own Health and quite honestly am tired of selling a necessary service in a market of deciet and Sheep or an ostrich mindset and watching unnecessary deaths.


Another liberal communist spewing the same old nonsense. Remember guys, if you dont want the medicine, then dont fucking take it. When are you all going to show some accountability for yourselves? It is the government alar the FDA and the CDC and govt medical agencies that are preventing drugs from coming into the market. This causes far more harm than an actual drug with a bad side effect. These liberal communists will never learn. Remove barriers to entry and foster competition that is the only way for all to have a better life.

Leo Cozijn says:

When people get sick it's actually in the pharmaceutical company's best interest not to cure diseases, but instead to offer products that just mask or reduce the symptoms. The reason for this is simple. A cure would only produce short-term profits, where as to keep the disease alive so that it can spread, is much more conducive to long-term profits. There's no profit in cures, only in treatments.

ctwatcher says:

Years ago this program started. With pills, fluoride in our water, chemical foods and geo engineering from planes. It's OK, they finally told the truth about it. No need to call us names that know what they do anymore. Just tell your children why they have to filter for a few crazed men such as Bill Gates who funds it and others to dim the sun. Tell them why we have to be the experiment for the world and why they laugh at us.

MsHologram .Healer says:

Medical mafia selling with vigor fraud and death. Agenda 21/30 at work to depopulate you.

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