Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 1 – Introduction

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A shell script is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command-line interpreter. The various dialects of shell scripts are considered to be scripting languages. A shell usually interprets a single line of input, but we can also create a file containing a number of lines of commands to be interpreted. This file is a program known as a shell script. The program can also contain control structures (if-then, loops). Shell scripts allow a sequence of commands to be executed automatically .

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ProgrammingKnowledge says:

For more Tutorial visit –

harsh bhatt says:

What is unix development how can i start learn

HENE says:

mastering the fundamentals, architecture and automation with Shell Script

Waqar Ali Khan says:

I like Indians

Gary Wu says:

I like your video! pretty good for beginners!

Oswaldo LN says:

Indians make all the tutorials it seems.

Kammari Krishna says:

attach text based document..its helpful

Francis Isme says:

How is it alt cap lock got control of ever thing because im going to need some anwsers pretty soon im getting a job

legion linux says:

What is the difference between Linux command line and shell scripting

vikas semwal says:

Great work help me a lot in exams, life saver …….keep it up…

Shariba Riaz says:

Very nice video

Deb Publications says:

The only book available that extensively examines the C shell environment and its scripting capabilities in Linux !

Do check it out.

vikas jella says:

We Can Use Vi Editor to write code right.
later we can execute in Terminal

Live Project says:

How to ?

Assume you are a server administrator.Write shell script in Unix that fetch the list of current working directories along with the user names,current date and time.

L4NZO says:

Another indian

Naveen karthikeyan says:

sir you used python ryt

Naveen karthikeyan says:

sir you used python ryt

vrushali chaudhari says:

its really so much useful information..

sanyukta verma says:

sir, i am working on kali linux
./ showing me error after chmod command
bash: ./ bin/bash: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
please help me in this

sunCity says:

good tutorial, thank you.

KjloinutForkTroll says:

Comprehensive Unix Shell Scripting learn more here!…

Sesha Sanjay Chowdari Pinnamaneni says:

i tried to give fie name with ./ and it is telling me bin/bash no such directory??

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