How I Almost Died After Illegal Weight Loss Surgery

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MapleLove says:

Honestly bold. That’s what makes you real and sweet, Venus.

Saski says:

I feel like I can finally accept your fresh start after this. Good luck Venus

Underwater Dollar Art and Music by Justina Dollar says:

I am so glad you are feeling better and made it through all that! I wanted tell you – Now that you do not have a gallbladder, you should avoid very fatty foods. Also, though I'm sure you were all checked over at the good hospital in Japan, but if you are extremely hungry, you should perhaps check your thyroid levels or your digestion/metabolism in general. Your husband is so wonderful isn't he in such a difficult situation. You made the right decision and thank you for your excellent review of your unfortunate experience. Your stomach will shrink over time if you can get through the hunger for a week or so and eat frequent small portions. Great video!

asuna yuki says:

I'm sorry you went through this alone ;n; you aren't alone tho anymore

fuzzykuma says:

god i remember going through this when i was really anorexic

Annette Celia Rosemary says:

I'm so glad you're still alive ;-;

Lauren Cooper says:

Just looked on her mother's Insta and there's a whole conspiracy theory going on there that Mana is poisoning Venus which is why she is in hospital all the time. I don't believe it of course but i just thought Venus and her fans would like to know this

Kimmkwang says:

It's okay Venus, hugsssss .. I'm so proud of what you have gone through in Your life, you're a brave little girl.. 🙂 Gambate

fatima khagga says:

I really hope you're getting help. You WILL NOT get better if you do not.

uyiiko says:

this makes me even more afraid of surgery hh!! the last time i got surgery was when i was like 4 and got my appendix removed because of appendicitis

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