Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves – Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | April 21, 2018 | NBA

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Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves – Full Game Highlights | April 21 2018, 4/21 NBA Playoffs

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Marco Rodriguez says:

D. Rose need to play more than 20 mins.. C' mon coach give him more minutes…

MrCarl27 says:

Rose > Harden

Malcolm Richardson says:

I'm tellin you, man…I don't trust Houston. Everyone's talkin about how they should be the favorites and all this shit, but I don't trust em. As far as I'm concerned, they're a regular season team until they show me otherwise.

kg062007 says:

if they beat Houston they taking the whole thing lol

Mike de Gracias says:

love to see vintage D.Rose!

Freddy Benitez says:

Everyone is hating on the Rockets bc they loose a game. First of all the wolves are not a bad team at all, the wolves have home court advantage and are down 2 games so they gave a good game. The rockets are just getting hate bc there number one and loosing one game doesn’t matter.

Magicstockton says:

Before this series began I said it would be the defining moment to see what Wiggins is made of, he’s been balling. No hesitation, no nerves.

watchful news says:

whats wrong harden cant get away with that 4 step, step back move.

Javier Frias says:

Great edit! House of Highlights edited out all of the Rockets shots made for this game.

Tomasi Teputepu says:

Oh yeah Rockets are trash lmao GO DUBS BIAAAAAAATCH!!!

Shwabbit says:

Rose. need I say more

Lovechie4life says:

They won but A. Towns defense on picks was horrible to none.. if he can adjust to it they can win this series.

Anthony Daniels says:

Credit to Minnesota made clutch shots but Harden still the best in the world and they coming full throttle.

Rubicon Crossing says:

Timberwolves are a pseudo-super team.

liquidsnake 83 says:

start drose in next game coach! drose win the team

Jean Pepi says:

james harden travels all the time

hiiamturgut says:

fckıng lebron haters, u LOST

John Dockery says:

Rose did good but fragile as eggs

Immanuel Harris says:

First playoff win since 04 wow!. Rose is the x factor of this team. And it got him for a veteran's minimum.

Chris Anderson says:

Chris Paul should be the defensive player of the year….between him and Harden it's like Davis and Cousins but in the backcourt! Lmao

jose castanon says:

Fuck the rocket's

Rozay Rogerz says:

Wiggins & D Rose went in.

black beard says:

Im a solid rockets fan but tbh i dont think the rockets are gonna last long in the playoffs, their opponent is on the 8th fucking seed and they are struggling what do you expect if they face the warriors?!?

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