Memos: Trump Said Putin Bragged About Hookers

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President Donald Trump said Vladimir Putin told him that Russia has ‘some of the most beautiful hookers in the world’, according to memos maintained by former FBI Director James Comey and obtained by The Associated Press. (April 20) — The Associated Press


kalumnist says:

Comey's memos are a combination of truth, confabulation and fabrication. The hookers comment was likely confabulation. Comey heard it on TV and figured it was something Trump might say. Or was inserted by Comey's Obaminion handlers. So they could use it to blackmail Trump

S Rasko says: this was Putin talking about it. AP is a joke Comey is a joke. The propaganda they spew is fucking unbelievable.

minceyjs says:

Comey's memos = zero credibility

ShitLord DickButt says:

Udder bullshit reporting. Keep up the great work.

Saul Acosta says:

Corrupt WAR MONGERING POLITICIANS and Journalist puppets under control of the fascist corporate Oligarchs, responsible for spreading RUSOPHOBIA BS and fake news of terrorist acts created, engineer,and design by the scum government of the UK, ISRAEL,and the US should be taken out and iradicated from the face of the earth. We need a secret organization mostly composed of professional assassins with all the sophistication and operational technology similar to that of the CIA/NSA to go around the world hunting down these mofos and take them out.

Enough of the peaceful protests, rallies,letters and calls to Congress. These mofos laugh at all this. We need to escalate to meaningful action and hold these mofos accountable.


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jaguar0969 says:

So Putin does have some leverage on Trump. More like a sex tape. No wonder Trump is scare of sanctions against Russia.

Doug says:

Ok so a memo was leaked, question is were the Russian hookers leaking an on whom?

Maikel Parra says:

Uhhhhhh,what a big surprize ,pathetic journalism.

Alec K says:

Its an interesting point that Comey critics make about him leaking ONE of the memos to the media. As soon as the DOJ released ALL the memos to the Republicans in congress it was ALL leaked to the media in minutes and no one bats an eye lid.
I guess leaking is not such a bad thing after all.

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