Syracuse University students protest “extremely racist” fraternity video

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There were protests Thursday at Syracuse University over an offensive video featuring fraternity members. The frat has since been suspended. The university chancellor said Thursday the school has worked hard at diversity and inclusion but there clearly is “much work to do.” CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil reports.


Uber Hamster says:

Typical whites.

Kommandant Rios says:

Parents: hey honey, how was college today?

Child: we are protesting everyone that doesn’t agree with us because college isn’t a place for free thought

Parent: so no job yet huh

Donovan Carter says:

This is how you waste a day?

Donovan Carter says:

White people will and always be like this. Who is really surprised. Probably the same idiot that thinks Jesus was white.

Milhouse says:

What's the point of fraternies and why are idiots joining them?!

Stephen Sherrill says:

That's right Communist News Bull. Keep up the racist bulls**t. You are really good at it.

Keiffer James says:

Do they not have a 2nd amendment right to say these things? I don’t agree with what they are saying but it’s their right to say it and believe it.

Doc Tom says:

We need the Thought Police to be allowed to perform immediate eradication.

Texas Trad says:

Nowadays, when someone under 40 says they have a degree, you just know they're dumb as a rock. The irony….

Ben Der says:

Greek life is the weak life

nikolsan15 says:

And that’s the future folks idiocracy is right around the corner.

::J:: KAMM! says:

Really? Grabbing signs and protesting in response to a few offensive words. I'll be at your next whine festival, handing out pacifiers.

Beard Bro says:

The protesters are the ones who made it racist is what I see. I should know, cause I have 20/20 vision!

C R says:

The truth hurts and in today's Society truth is hate speech I thought it was freaking hilarious Give Me Faith in the younger generation that they're not all zombies group thinking

hawkeye6626 says:

Stinker-cuse is now truly an ACC school in every way!

Brandon E. Smith says:

Yawn. They weren't hurting anyone. It even took place at a private gathering. No threats. No assault. No harassment. Funny how y'all try to sensationalize it.

Juston Johnson says:

Mofos will record anything for the online views.

Rooster Blues says:

Don’t agree with them, however like liberals say, it’s freedom of speech!!!!

Rooster Blues says:

You idiots need to pay more attention on your studies. If you only see how stupid you all look, you would understand.

Naberius1™ says:

How can you be a superior race but will melt in the Sahara LMAO

The Intelligent Atheist says:

My little sister asked me naively, what stupidity meant. I smiled at her and said “nothing” sweetheart. Then proceeded to sarcastically watch this video.

Michael Newell says:

Wow college graduation money big buck spent? Educating?

john smith says:

This world ……..

Arsen L says:

why is everyone surprised we are the most racist country in the world The so called founding fathers where salve owners

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