Poster Design Process

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Hi Design Champions! I’m starting something new to work on my design skills. By creating a random project in a random medium, hopefully, it will challenge me to push myself creatively and improve as a designer. For this project I was challenged to create a print poster design for a vegan shoe company. I used adobe Illustrator exclusively, but if I had time I would have moved the poster design into photoshop and added some lighting effects and detail.
instagram: @zimmayfield



Omg he has 2 colored eyes?

Andrew Caress says:

While he was doing a timelapse of his research, I thought he was going to start rapping.

Alice Fernandez says:

Project suggestion: Summer fair (hint of a chill vibe, maybe?)

Matt White says:

Love it, man! Good work and amazing energy! Pretty sick flow, too! Thank you for everything you give us!

Rafael says:

Loved it 🙂

Armena Ruza Basiga says:

Hey Zim, i love that you made a song/rap and arranged it specifically for this project thats amazing haha. You're so talented not just in graphic design but also in music. You're so humorous too. I'd love to see more.

akash joshi says:

logo design : for a young programmer . teen programmers or coders paradise are the
suggested names if u have better name u can go with it.
u r great dude!!!

Chase Doyle says:

Motocross gear and clothing company

Gravity says:

1st ever time pass tutorial man…. really excellent work…

Yousif TUT says:

that was so awesome Zimri keep it on

AMG - Amateur Media Group says:

this is freakin great..hate when I find videos late

Sholom Brum says:

Do more rapping.

DaPurple J says:

you're incredible wtf. how come I not have stumbled upon you earlier?!! keep up the great work + them raps :3

Siti Nurizzaty Aimi Mohd Salleh says:

Can you make a project mobile application..the title is hostel..for reservation..tq

Kvrasheed Khan says:

Watched just a couple of videos of yours. Now I am a fan of you

Louise McDonald says:

graphic novel style menu
New anime studio
Cultural festival in middle of winter
Photography firm focused on stationary.
Swimming pool in Atlantis.
Advert for Wizarding school.
Comic convention.
Alien restaurant.
Photography gallery opening.

I hope these random things help.

eekcarlos says:

conversion therapy camp, for heterosexuals.

Meghanshu Verma says:

YouTube channel Logo or a Hat

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