White House considering Russia sanctions over support of Syrian government

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The White House walked back comments about new sanctions made by U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley on “Face the Nation,” saying instead sanctions are under considered and not nearly as declarative. CBS News Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett discusses the disconnect, and what the strikes indicate about John Bolton’s new presence.


Joseph Henry Long says:

Has Donald gotten a "hall pass"? Permission from Vladimir to sanction Russia?

Prophet Vladimir Putin says:

UK France and UK it's enemy of the world

Mary Ross says:

Since Day One, Trump has tried to start a war with anyone so he can look strong and important.
The world needs stability, not more conflict. Why is he still able to put us a
all in harms way? Where are the others in his party with the ability to protect us but
Seem to be doing nothing?

Bertha Warren says:

What happen, to old sanction. If so, that tape will come, to light. Crazy, bunch of confusion White House is divided.

Larry David says:

Putin is the most Evil man on Earth.

cazaresf057 says:

It was all a setup. No quemical wepons used. Interviews to people working on that hospital say. They did get bombed. Top floor was burning. Alot of smoke was in the hospital. They were attending the people when an unkown guy came in screaming it was a quemical attack. People panicked and started washing their head. Another doctor came in saying no quuemical attack. No signs of people shocking due to quemical attack..

Mueller Trumpsbane says:

Cadet bone spurs is a coward always backing down to russia, show you have courage to defend America vote Democrat it's the only patriotic choice

BuN Up Tv says:

we need to make one account for our planet expenses

BuN Up Tv says:

we need a flood and noahs ark for children. if your over 18 you have rights or abilities to make this happen

Eduard White says:

OAN Investigation Finds No Evidence of Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria /watch?v=lSXwG-901yU

Scrotum Leech says:

Islam sucks

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