David Letterman Mathematics Genius Prodigy Daniel Tammet Math 3.14 Pi Day

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David Letterman Mathematics Prodigy Genius Daniel Tammet Math 3.14 Pi Day


Jonathan J Crabtree says:

I am no savant, yet I did something similar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Krj0IQ6wLo BTW, I also posted this interview elsewhere so more than six million views and counting!

MrMeow says:

Dave did well for a host, but Pi did excellent. One of the best interviews on Mr DL ever. 117. Best complement ever.

Ed Na says:

Man looks like an ugly retard !

the Purr of Bastet says:

I also like bananas…

Jordan Trae says:

came across this video just now, 9:20pm CT Wed, April 11 2018. Lettermans birthday is tomorrow, Thursday.

Zod of Heaven says:

Quite interesting how he objectifies himself.

tysswe1 says:

Where is cartman when we need him? That mind requires a specialist in mind battles.

Solaris says:

6:20 David: "guess my birthday".
Daniel: "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that".

Ted Joseph says:

22500 numbers… Jeesh, I cant remember 8 of them…

John Parboosingh says:

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Marc Casteel says:

I bet he got BOATS N HOES

tripjet999 says:

Dave later found out that this guest was actually a "synth" from the "Humans" series.

Haiku Automation says:

So let me get this right, Dave likes Pie, and Bananas. So Dave is Bi-Sexual.?

Haiku Automation says:

well, two negatives multiplied is a positive. Go figure on a Math Prodigy.

Hank Acuff says:

he had problems because his father was Elmer Fudd

Layz Mb says:

dave ruined it by retiring on may 20th 2015

Sandra Jefferson says:

Such a inspiration to all of us wow and so humble too

comadrejas arpías says:

march 14th 1:59:26 am

Dishodiwaba says:

Wow, society has become so very accepting of mental disabilities these days. Here, we have a clinical idiot, on television, and no one making fun of him. And he's interviewing Daniel Tammet.

Carlos Lascoutx says:

#117=1/5th circuit of Venus(585).

Macey Murrell says:

u cain't TEACH CHESS m/f; "U" got titty here, titty there. It b/z. If U got 3 Queens on the floor, you can-not play chess. DUH. HAHA. Let him POP-off. What would U do if i think out of tune? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=search_videos&search_query=somewhere+over+the+rainbow%3F&search_sort=relevance&search_category=0&page=

John Stopman says:

1400+ downvoters envied this guys amazing ability. Fuck 'em.

Michael Hall says:

I randomly paused the video at 3:14 and freaked out cause he was talking about pi

stan stopka says:

a young professor farnsworth !

mark2073 says:

He looks like me

Patrick Ayres says:

This poor man. Making him remember pointless numbers that Alexa can just give on command.

Michael Collier says:

666 Devil Day.

Anonymous Poster says:

LOL…."I like bananas"….I miss Letterman!!

Fernando Ramoa says:

l always wondered how changing the numeric system (to binnary, to sexagesimal, etc) would affect their performance

Santouche Santouche says:

Yáll been pranked. It's Chris Martin seeking yet more attention…..

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