T.I. Calls for Starbucks Boycott After Black Men Arrested in Philadelphia | TMZ

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T.I. says the only way to get Starbucks’ attention is to hit ’em where it hurts most — their pockets — after 2 black men were treated unequally in Philadelphia.

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Kekist says:

Protest black on black crimes in America, protest the first black president who did nothing for blacks, protest single black female's with fake hair steady having babies on babies on babies on babies. Stop blaming whitey that your at the bottom of society.

SpiderBurger says:

Starbucks coffee tastes likeStraightUpShit anyway.

zeek zeek says:

Say what you want about T.I he always down for Black people. Shout out to T.I

FHRITP eaglesnation says:

So they tried to use the bathroom but told you have to buy something. Instead they sat down to wait for a colleague. What’s the harm in that. I actually went to a Starbucks for and interview. There are Starbucks we’re people mingle or go to hang out and be on their laptop doing work. I think it was bias and personal fear that the manager called the police.

f quint says:

Who the fuck told TI he’s some new civil rights leader? He’s not.

Donna Moore says:

Boycott thts Bitch

henRy FOxx says:

Says the rich man TI

Ken Kenichi says:

Why didn't anyone gives those broke bums a couple of bucks to buy a water?

prettyslim2010 says:

All these idots saying if you aren't buying anything then leave. Problem with this idea is that none colored folks go into this chain all the time and do the same exact thing, have meetings, meet there associates, friend, dates, and use the free Wi-Fi all with out buying a thing. There is no policy that states you have to buy anything to be there. This is the discrimination. But of course if your a racist yourself how could you understand that.
These guys did the right thing this is not the Rosa Park days where we can't sit in certain places, enter certain restaurants, or use certain restrooms.

Eric Jacobs says:

Our presence needs to be in there more often. Not to stand outside and look through the windows and watch the white ppl laughing at us.

michael olender says:

Starbucks should stop being racist and offer chicken flavored coffee.

Mikkhiel Akbar says:

The bullet or the ballot

Good Vibes says:

So are we to just ignore the fact that the black chief and the black mayor say that there was NOTHING related to them being black that caused the arrest? And do we just ignore the fact that they were not there buying anything, and got pissed that they were told they couldn't use the restroom unless they were a customer, i.e. making a purchase? And do we ignore the fact that they copped an attitude at the request that they make a purchase or leave, and flat out refused to do either? And that the police asked them THREE TIMES to leave the premises, to which they refused to do??
Oh, I forgot, it's only bc they are black, and we're just sitting there drinking their latte's, not bothering a soul, so yes, we should ignore all the facts and roll with the "racism" theory.
Black folks, stop creating false racist scenarios! It's bc of ppl like u that NO ONE will take our REAL battles with race seriously!!!
A Mad Black Woman

Dusty Harris says:

Unfuckingbelievable that's why they asked the brohams to leave and they wouldn't buy something,so they could stay fucking entitled just the latest used to be slaves looking to be paid for being black.

Dalton Daugherty says:

TI also has been boycotting making good music for the last 10 years.

Tru Story says:

If you ain't buying nothing gtfoh. Point blank Starbucks didn't do nothing wrong

cmh says:

It is a not a rule in starbucks that you must order something or leave. I use the wifi all the time and order NOTHING! If those men actually did something wrong, the CEO wouldn't be apologizing and that employee would still have their job today. The fact is, they did NOTHING wrong. Waiting for a friend without purchasing something is not a crime and did not warrant the police being called… PERIOD. The police were called and should have found out why they were asked to leave before humiliating them. Those of you trying to justify this have to really examine yourselves and figure out why this bothers you so much that two Black men could have actually NOT being doing something wrong.

Scuba Steve says:

Don’t people know now that black people are immune from laws? Cmon white people get “woke”. When blacks break laws it’s because of racist white people. Get your heads out of your behinds white people!

John Smith says:

Black people dont shop in starbucks anyways

Al Blake says:

I need that jacket

Shantel Goggins says:

That was a damn ass question to ask TI u know damn well he not going to Starbucks after 2 black men was wrongfully arrested!!! No no no

Tyler The Kid Green says:

Ti tryna boycott boycotting

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