Sebastian Vettel’s Pole Lap | 2018 Chinese Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel makes it back-to-back pole positions – pipping team mate Kimi Raikkonen with a stunning lap at the death.

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Simon B. says:

Lol you can hear the turbolag

cottie101 says:

this is absurdly fast

Genesis Maldonado says:

why would you dislike? it was a great lap

Senna Wijaya2 says:

Onboard telemetry plss

Knox Grim says:

Mercedes like:
How'd you do that.?
Vettel: Just talk to the hair…:)

Philip S says:

hopefully ferrari can finally win the championship this year and end mercedes run

DarkSwam56 says:

Whoa what's with that many dislikes? wtf

Liane Nardone says:

Ferrari and vettel s legendary

Kai Beltran says:

why are there so many dislikes? ROFL

Ronald Maymone says:


hamzterix says:

I still can't get over the 250cc exhaust notes. #bringbackV8engine

Amir Rad says:

Thanks god Ferrari got rid of James allison otherwise they'd be still trailing behind Redbulls. Looks like the Italians are doing a better job for Ferrari.

Amir Rad says:

What a driver Seb is. And to those who were saying that Kimi should retire, well eat your words.

Elliot Walker says:

I'll admit, as a longtime Alonso fan I must admit that Sebastian Vettel is a much better driver. I hope Vettel wins this year, and I hope that Alonso gets a 3rd WDC before he retires.

Buhle Ntanzi says:

Too incredible. Rarri!

elwingy says:

So clean… feels like the car is on rails!

Mike Rothwell says:

So kimi was actually faster than seb in the first two sectors but seb made it up in the last part which is the least technical. Hmmm

1988Carlsberg says:

Yeahhhhhhhh!! Brilliant job from Ferrari just what the sport needs! Was hoping Kimi would get Pole but great job from Sebastian! Hope it's a similar result in the race, I'll be over the moon with a Ferrari 1-2.

Football Fan says:

Lewis will win Chinese GP 2018. Get on at 5/1

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