Logo Design Process

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How to design a logo? Here’s my process from research, sketching into the final logo presentation for the client.

See the final branding project:

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Diana Voroneca says:

You are amazing! I'm A huge fan, watch all your videos! I'm also a designer, I do UX and Strategy in London. Hope there will be a project we could work together someday. You're spreading really good vibes, all the best to you and your organisation!

Frank J Tirado says:

Ran hola hello I'm Venezuelan living in the USA in Atlanta now, just want to say THANK YOU for your videos, was a blessing in this point has graphic designer. muchas bendiciones para ti, get a translator from spanish LOL

Nixz Plays says:

Holt shit im the 12000th viewr precisely

Duy Sắc Nguyễn says:

I like your video

TMN Bruce says:

advise on designing with 3 initial

Juicefulll says:

free palestine

Eddy says:

I think I can say that I know of a lot about Logo design and this was really interesting. But so you don't do rounds? with 8 versions then 3 then 1?

Adrián Ernesto Pérez G. says:

Good video as freelancer graphic designer, i identificated with your style to work LOL, good channel 🙂

Perseo Hernandez says:

I ´m suscribing, with a little luck I can learn and get a nice client like that !

Yaman Kain says:

Great… Helps me a lot. Thanks for Sharing 🙂

Popa Bogdan says:

Amazing video Ran! I saw at 5:43 that you have chosen the logo colors from an image. Can you tell me how you found the image and decide to use colors from it?

Md. Taufiq Hossain says:

awesome video. I also like logo design. here https://goo.gl/hjhPc9 my some logo design. Thanks!

Lino Uris says:

Man, very useful and inspirational video. Thanks a lot! By the way, holy envy! I mean: Freelancer , TelAviv-ing, Bicycle, massage… dream! 😉

Jørn Bo Brøndum says:

Thx. Great inspiration.

Oskar Schölander says:

I love these small videos on inspirational talk and show and tell. Great work as always!

friður says:

I have a question what's the best way to receive payment can you make a tut as well how to charge.btw I see you talking about Webflow I design ui/ux through XD and also logos as well other stuff anyway making my first site for client but don't know much for coding is that where Webflow helps? and saves time

Manav Madaan says:

Truly amazing. Its true that most of the new designers (early in their career) think that they need to come up with the concept(presentation) first and then work on it as it gives them a direction. It does help sometimes if they are sure that the idea they have will be the direction the client will choose. But otherwise it hampers the creative thinking. It's good to know that some one else also follows a more open or bottom up approach.

Thanks for sharing the process.

Lucas Fernandes says:

Nice to see your process!

mynameismag1 says:

More videos like this ! Super super helpful !
I'm curious about the visual research, do you Google your keywords and find images ? Do you use other tools ?

Lorenzo'sTechTips says:

More please! This is amazing!

bashzer0 says:

What sketchbook are you using? I like that it's fairly thin and not too bulky. Thanks!

AgentCell says:

Very insightful Ran.

Anticio Duke says:

Great process. Research, Direction, Presentation! Such a great approach. A huge thanks for sharing. Keep up the awesome work Ran.

Florin Buzea says:

Awwwww yeah…these are great!

vaaz dev says:

Entire video is awesome and get me an idea of designing process and Final words makes me feels that good response from the client! Thanks

Ngoc Le says:

So good! Motivational & inspirational, thanks for sharing!

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