Intermittent Fasting While Breastfeeding! Postpartum Weight Loss! Vlogmas!

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Again, I am not a professional and you should always seek professional, medical advice. I am just sharing my experience with Intermittent Fasting while breastfeeding. Thanks for watching!


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Brittany Goodman says:

Does coffee in the morning break the fast?

Rihana Parveen says:

Hi,can u pls tell from which month after delivery is safe to start intermittent fast. Thanks

Joanne Z. says:

Great video! So you lost weight doing IF eating more than 2k cals/day!? That’s very promising. I’m currently where you’re at, 5 mos PP, breastfeeding, and desperate to lose the last 10lbs. I’ve been doing IF for 2.5 weeks and I think have only lost 2-3 lbs. I’m counting cals and I get so paranoid when I get to the 1900-2000 calorie mark. I know that’s such a a bad mindset to be in. I also work out 4-5 times a week. I’m happy you made this and I hope to get the same results as you.

Ashley McAllister says:

So happy I found your videos!!

Patrice London says:

I like the 16:8 a lot but I did Omad for 7 days in order to win a DietBet and am a bit afraid for my milk supply. My son is still satisfied though and I know how to build my supply so I am not worried about that so much. My biggest issue is not eating enough. I am using my fitness pal and now see how little I eat. It's annoying. I may stop and just eat intuitively for a bit and see what happens.

The Hooks Family says:

I’m a breastfeeding mom as well and my baby boy is almost 8 months. I’ve been searching for intermittent fasting videos for breastfeeding moms and I’m glad I came across your video. I’m nervous about losing my milk supply but after hearing your milk supply is fine I definitely wanna give this a try. I’m tired of holding onto the baby weight! Lol

Susan Frank says:

I am a breastfeeding mother of an infant who is 6 months old. I gained 40 lbs with my baby and was really struggling to get off those extra pounds unless I found "Mummy magic weight loss tea". I was drinking it 3xday half an hour before every meal and without exercising I shed all 40lbs+belly fat.

Pintol3 says:

I've been having success intermittent fasting as well. I've lost 6 lbs in 4 days! I've been doing 12-8

sharne bruggen says:

You look absolutely stunning ❤please do a skincare routine. Thank you!!!

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