Advertising per Mad Men

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What is advertising? Mad Men proposes an answer.

[Includes vulgar language.]


Carlos Rivera says:

Lol Campbell's stupid pitch was what triggered Don's genius here

des1ayer says:

Damn what a handsome man.. no homo

veerchasm1 says:

Works for cereal, works for cigarettes… Peter is a trash digging punk, punch him Lane!

Michael Fisher says:

I loved this show.  It was beautifully detailed and done.
When I was a kid, I had a very short attention span.  I could pay attention to an ad – but that was about it.  And no – I'm not talking about just the toy ads.  I mean the Colt 45 Malt Liquor ads.  The Alka-Seltzer ads.  All the rest.

jhon doe says:

I know libtards watch this show with a smug thinking their from a superior culture when the Aspartame in sodas have been proven over and over again to cause brain cancer, the artificial sweeteners cause heart disease, the GM foods cause DNA damage which leads to cancer and food over all has 5x more salt

2018 is far more toxic than anyone in the 50s smoking a pack of lucky strikes everyday


And now the e-cig companies are pulling this same loophole.

Tony Baker says:

"If you don't like what they're saying, change the conversation." Don lives up to his advertising motto here by distracting from the moral and health implications of cigarette smoking and zeroing in on the technical process of making cigarettes. By evoking physical warmth and implying a passed-down, mom & pop recipe ("It's toasted"), Don's idea cuts straight through the smoker's ambivalence and shame to remind him or her of the sensual gratification that comes with each drag. It's a banal sentiment – as Lee Garner Jr. says, everyone's cigarettes are toasted. But no one has thought to fetishize the manufacture itself.

Of course, it takes narcissistic confidence to go into an important client meeting with no ideas, and it's things like this that make very stupid people use Mad Men or The Sopranos as a guide on how to be cool and interesting. Don can only get away with this because he has a unique ability to grasp and exploit opportunities. Anyone else would've been thrown out on their ass long ago if they behaved like this.

Papi Blanco says:

I was rewatching season 7 and its strange to see how this confident and dashing Don Draper turned into a shell of a man he used to be. He has always been just a vessel with internal problems

Slashoom says:

It's toasted

John Smith says:

The father from the anti American movie the day after

La Vieja says:

actually "death wish" is true and made one of the biggest psicological effect ever made in history: "smoke can kill you"..

Mike Peterson says:

You're going to die anyway, die with us?…Are you insane? I'm not selling rifles here, I'm in the tobacco business.

GaryD says:

Does anyone remember LS/MFT?

Tom Sanders says:

I wish those god-damn Communists had never been allowed to put their poisons in cigarettes…

Alex Thompson says:

"What the hell are you talkin' about, are you insane??"

andrew7taylor says:

Love Roger's sneak burn at Don @ 3:30! 🙂

harpyion says:

"How do you make your cigarettes?" – "I don´t know." 
Very, very bad answer! Even if you are a top manager who´s in the office & in meetings most of the time, looking for new markets, negotiating prices or calculating the balance sheet, you still have to know your product! At least visit your factories from time to time & learn how the product is made. Show some interest for the product that made you rich. 
"Shame on you! – the right answer for this ignorant moron. 

Joshua Roberson says:

Mad Men is a very good show to understand the world of advertising and marketing. Don Draper has inspired many viewers to explore the world of marketing as a career and their way to make history.

TheSmiIingMan says:

Love this scene, but Lucky Strike has been using the "It's toasted" slogan since 1917. Doesn't make the scene any less brilliant though

Jasper Thompson says:

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