We Tried Laser Treatment For Our Chronic Pain

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In the final episode of the series, Kelsey and Lara finish up their treatment and head home to LA. From there, we get an update about how they’re doing post-lasers!

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TheDannybabe says:

I thought the last ep made me cry, boy oh boy was I wrong!!! The content of those letters is everything I’ve wanted to say to drs for years, theres nothing worse then constantly being told there nothing wrong or its all in your head. My treatment was delayed for 4 years for some illnesses and about 10 years for others because of drs not listening to me.
My current drs believe me and stay up to date on new research to ensure they are offering me the best standard of care, I have a variety of specialists and treatments and so far nothings fully helped or helped enough to make me close to ‘normal’ but some have helped to some degree and I’m trying not to give up yet, but I definitely go through periods of giving up

Karina Lewis says:

Can we get an update Lara?

Fab Fibro Feminist says:

I think laser treatment is likely snake oil or placebo, but this series has touched me. I hope one day i can find a way to make my fibromyalgia pain stop. All i can do right now is take medications and supplements, which do help, but my pain is still too high for me to feel fully functional. Shout out to all the chronic pain sufferers. You are not alone. Your pain is real but does not define you. <3

Katherine says:

Anyone else so happy that Kelsey's still with her tinder date? He seemed so nice in the last video!

cottonroseslimes says:

My mum has chronic pain

June Lee says:

Love and a big bug hug to you both. ❤️

Laney 4 life 16 says:

Doris played Bonnie's mom on baby daddy

Pinhead Larry says:

This makes me appreciate me not being in pain haha

poet moet says:

I feel this, I have chronic migraines and absence seizures my doctors would never listen when I said the meds they were giving me weren't working. Once they legalized weed in my state and I started using it I have had no issues, no doctor would say use this, I had to ask the lady at the weed shop what I should use and she KNEW what would help, when I said something wasn't working she would bring out something else. She even gave me free samples to try to help me find what will work

Grace Akinz says:

I am so happy that they seen changes

Nikole Natali says:

I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for this.

Sassy Jensen says:

wow this was so relatable

Paige emily says:

I live with chronic knee pain I think I should try this I've been living with this for 3 yrs and I'm an athlete and I want to do this to see if it will work for me

Maria 143 says:

Where can I find the information about this clinic? I need it bad, I have been in chronic pain for almost 4 years. I need this really bad! If someone knows please reply to this comment.

Brittany Riegert says:

Thanks for making me cry guys. This did give me hope for the people in my life, that have chronic pain, but I can't help.

Ashley Chisling says:

this was great xo


I really can't imagine this, After many years of suffering with chronic pain, just fews days after using http://cannapharmas/ MEDS, i'm getting total free from Pain, recommend them to anyone looking for help

Margo. V says:

This series was a perfect distraction from my own chronic nerve pain. Hope these ladies continue to share their ideas/thoughts with us! I don't feel so alone anymore.

Senni B says:

omg I’m so happy and bahahaha Kelsey got a bf I’m so proud of her

Daniyal Roshan says:

Wait, how do I get more info on these people who do the laser treatment?

Monie says:

So happy for Lara. She’s been suffering for so long.

Maria Pitsoulakis says:

This makes me extremely happy, not just because of the treatment but also that there are possibilities to live without pain. I have migraines, fibromyalgia and Crohn’s so this makes me very happy

QQ AA says:

Is it finished now? I was expecting one or two more episodes…

laura aerts says:

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Rebecca g says:

What the clinic name and website? thanks

Nicole DeLiberis says:

Will there be more videos like this? Please say yes!

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