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Human Planet joins Sam Niang, a Laotian fisherman, as he walks a high wire strung above the raging Mekong River rapids on an extraordinary commute to work.

Rivers provide the essentials of life: fresh food and water. They often provide natural highways and enable us to live in just about every environment on Earth. But rivers can also flood, freeze or disappear altogether!

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Sanele Mshengu says:

All that just for one fish!…..p

s s says:

@BBC can you guys buy this man a pair of surf shoes or climbing shoes? Or give us a fund me link to help families like this?

hipstol erine says:

All this for just one fish?how he gonna feed his 7 children and wife with just 1 fish

King Khan says:

Name of the river

david ramboyong says:

He should be in a Circus…

Kootenay Ryan says:

With a homemade harness and a piece of rope, he could make his life a whole lot safer .but if no one wants to tell him that's cool

Arshad Rahman says:

Where is this place

Floyd Mayweather says:

And just out of curiosity how did he return with the fish ??

Floyd Mayweather says:

All those hitting the dislike button could u please tell me what u dislike about this video ?? Am curious to know plz

carl evans says:

Is this in Arkansas?

Joseph Hess says:

Damn! Big fish hard earned….I respect him

highCaptain 3029 says:

Too much dramatic music

Asad Malik says:

What a brave heart. Super hero

Gun Channel says:

So thats what love for kids looks like huh?

Rahul kumar says:

Somebody buy me those slippers! Really frenzy nd high quality it seems!

Marcus Flint says:

Man, he must really need a fish…

Moose Olly says:

he isn't afraid of death, he is tired of living in this hardship.

Lazaro Peter says:

Life is tough for him

Prakash Gowda says:

one side actors doing fake stunts n earning million dollars with respect and appreciation
on the other side poor man doing al this in real life just to feed his family..

aadithya vijayaraghavan says:

Is it paragon office chappal

RaW DoGeN says:

his net magically appeared on the other side.

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