Official Texas A&M Nuclear Science Center Reactor Pulsing Video

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Two pulses of $1.00 and $1.50 conducted in December 2013.


Ashroller says:

Can be use giant kettle?

Иіск Рагіllб says:

puts this gopro up on craigslist and says "like NEW! only used once in water!"

fromkentucky says:

What's actually happening to pulse the reactor?

lvl69engineer says:

Email me tour info!! We haven't been to Texas yet but we are definitely interested in meeting with you guys 🙂

Super Kids says:

cant even afford a decent camera not surprised all the waste ends up in sea

almcken says:

you got any 3 Fiddy pulses?

Lemonredvolution says:

I feel like this video gave me some radiations.

Neal elliott says:

wow! very cool. thanks for posting this video.

Anonymous says:

This stuff never gets old.

Marcos Campos says:

What are the $ quantities referring to?

Eduardo Perez Denadai says:

Loved the video. The NSC is a jewel lots of memories learning there from Dr. Reece

Radek Skoda says:

Pulsing our TRIGA reactor was not an issue, it was more difficult to position a waterproof camera 9m under the water in the correct angle that the nuclear reactor core is in the center. THX Gwyn & Cameron for your work!

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