Bruno Mars – Best of #FinesseFridays

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Bruno Mars – Best of #FinesseFridays

Finesse (Remix) Feat. Cardi B Available Now:

Connect with Bruno:

Special Thank You To:
Marcus Azevedo

Da Twinz

Street Justice Crew

Brian Esperon

Katharine More

Arantza Fahnbulleh + Renee Cha Cha

Devnay Kess + Darren Breeden

Smash Dem Crew

Destiny Vaughan, Tandrea Gibson, Victoria Blade, Sydnee Carroll, Dylan Hammond, Diamond Pearson, & Mariah Perkins

Shereen Jenkins

ALiEN Dance Studio

Malani Harrell, Rain Chichester, & Marco Mejia of Continuous Motion Dance Academy

Ricardo Walker, Patrick Tico, Ruan Lopes, Alexandre Mayrink, & Gabriel Zaidan

Denise Kroes & Jeremy Ijssel De Schepper

Arturo Ochoa, Chris Cruz, & Kenneth Igarta

Chris Nored & Keith Prater

Jonathan Sampaga & Randy Villaver

Jordan Doww & Jamie Bennett

Didiér & Emily Badenbroek


Alexandra And sky says:

I want high socks and tennis shoes to come back

Albert Einstein says:

Michael Jackson was the King of Pop Singles and Dances! If Bruno Mars is a Prince! Like the King, Pop Strengthens the Land of Songs!

fernando avila says:


박뷰뀨 says:

Who are the five guys dancing in front of the fountain? 0:45

Michael May says:

I'd like to see someone do the actual dance they do in the original video.

김종현 says:

back to the 90's

Jaydy Ordonez says:


lolirock fan says:

Aye this song is lit nice dancing by the way

MacGruver says:

It makes me happy to see all this people happy!!! ❤

Hamid Zainal says:

I love the girls at 0:32 and at the end. Who are they? Can I watch their video?

Dance Dance DAIKI says:

How nice! I also danced with this music, I would like to participate for the next time !

photoshopknight says:

Love from all around the world.

Hana Ahmed says:

One word: WOW!

Benecu Gamer says:

My God❤❤❤❤❤


Who are the Hot Asian girls in mj outfits dancing ??? Omg

XxSallyThe CuteUnicornxX says:

I love B.R.U.N.O

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