5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day!

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Boost energy levels and treat your body to the nutrition it deserves, with these 5 super foods.

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Media Information says:

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TheBravehearted33 says:

Eggs are actually bad for you because its high in saturated fat basacially clogs your arteries and salmon is bad because high levels of mercury and omega 6.

Unicorn Beauty says:

I was fat when I was only 4-9 years old and now I am not fat anymore thanks for this food and I stay strong and healthy

SBTIstoriya says:

If I ate bananas every day I would be dead

hamza Elbensiri says:

Managing Your Life By Eating Right

View & Enjoy says:

wow nice video …. i'm invite you to visit my health tips channel .

Aman ladli lal ki jai Preet jai sri radhe says:

Nice sister for nice tips.

Mike Cola says:

10 Healthy Things To Do Every Day

1- Take a walk for 60 minutes
2- Eat a large fresh salad
3- Get 8 hours of sleep
4- Lift some weight for 20 minutes
5- Make love to your partner
6- Laugh, smile and have a good time
7- Meditate for 10 minutes
8- Eat a broiled piece of fish
9- Have a glass of vegetable juice
10-Spend an hour talking to your kids or a close friend


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Semere Abreha says:

Good job like

Mr, G Thomas says:

God's blessings to you!!! I'm working on it,thank you.

Budok Klate says:

1. Almonds 4
2. Eggs 2
3. Broccoli
4. Bananas 2
5. Salmon

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Ravindra Akula says:

tldl: almonds, eggs, broccoli, banana and salmon

Toby Rinalds says:

1. Don’t like Almonds
2. Can’t eat eggs they mess with my stomach
3. I’m good with these as long as it’s squishy
4.Bananas are the shit
5. How the fuck does someone eat salmon everyday?

Ernest Kovach says:

Add: Cauliflower, as well.

Ernest Kovach says:

Apples, blueberries, walnuts, seaweed, beans, as well.

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